Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Life in Big D

Were pushing a year and half of life here in Dallas! Cant believe it?! So far our experience has far exceeded our expectations as God has proved Himself faithful at every turn. We eagerly anticipate what this next year of full time course work at Dallas Theological Seminary will bring. The College and Career Ministry is ramping up with Firewheel Bible Fellowship ( I have officially been commissioned as the pastoral leader of the group and we're slated for a full launch Jan 06. We will keep you posted with all pertinent details as the ministry develops. Thanks for the prayers and support! We couldn't do this without YOU our ministry partners!!!

Reflections On Teaching

Teaching is both a bane and a blessing. While all the lesson planning can be a drudgery, not to mention the mounds of grading (I have 172 seventh graders) that overtake my weekends, I live for those times when students have an “aha” moment, when a student is making progress, or when a student says something encouraging to me. I have had several students tell me over the last 6 weeks that they really like me, that I am their favorite teacher, and this always warms me on the inside. One student baked me a cake for my birthday last Monday, and one girl bought me a wonderful bracelet and earring set (as we share a birthday). Tonight was report card pick up at school and I got to talk with about 20 parents. At the last minute, one student who am very close with, came up with her mom. She, unfortunately, did not pass this 6 weeks and I didn’t feel that her effort was enough to bump her up to a passing grade. She was crying when she came up and sat down with her mom. Right when she sat down, I started to cry. I really love this girl and we have been able to connect since the beginning of school. She trusts me and talks to be about what is going on in her life. Her mom was extremely supportive and we had an incredible talk about how her daughter can do better. The girl continued to cry and I was just so moved because she said, “Mrs. McKay, you are my favorite teacher and I’m so sorry I haven’t been doing my work.” It was powerful. We hugged at the end and I told her that I really care about her and we can get through this. Somehow, as I type, my words don’t really do this night justice, for something special has been etched into my heart from this interaction. I am making a difference in students’ lives and a moment like this helps me realized why I get up each morning.