Friday, October 30, 2009

it's *probably* time to buy the double stroller

We just LOVE our jogging stroller; it's the best we've ever seen or used. But, Curren is getting a little big to stay in the Moby wrap on my chest (how I usually carry him when we go on walks), so on a walk last week with a friend, I put the kids in the jogger together. It was fun---for awhile. Then, C was too squished and Maggie was loving it a little too much and was smothering C with love. :) I'm ready for a double! Phil and Ted, here I come.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check out this giveaway!

I'm hoping to win something from Erin's Haute Tots, giveaway hosted courtesy of The Benner Daily. The Dupioni Peasant Top with Ruffles and Bling is a favorite. And how cute are her little girl crocheted hats?!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

pumpkin patch

A must every year is a visit to a local pumpkin patch. And even more fun, cousin Jacob joined us!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Things I'm loving right now:

1. This blog, all about living simpler and becoming a more stress-free and productive mama (but anyone can benefit!). She's a believer, too. I especially loved her recent post on getting a grip on your email inbox (and how to delegate the time you spend in front of your computer) and her current weekly series, "The 12 Weeks of Christmas" which is dedicated to helping you enjoy a more relaxed holiday season. Excellent tips so far.

2. Curren (9 months) standing more often on his own and officially, taking his first steps this past weekend! I also love his ongoing obsession with blowing zerberts and raspberries and bubbles with his mouth, saying "mama," and kissing himself on the door of the dishwasher or stove.

3. Maggie's growing curiosity with all-things deep-thinking. After listening to one worship song, she asked me, "What does that mean, 'let your glory reign down?'" During bed times, she inquires about things ranging from, "Why can't I see Jesus?" to "What does that mean, 'I need you Jesus to come to my rescue,'" (song lyrics). It's amazing to walk alongside her as she begins her spiritual journey. She is also very much into creative, imaginary play and I'm not sure I've blogged this yet, but for almost the last year, she LOVES when we do imaginary voices for her. Whether we are an inanimate object (a water bottle, a fork, a napkin) or a toy from "Cars" or "Little Einsteins," our days are filled with conversations back and forth between her and "them." It's really quite entertaining, although I had to tell her on Sunday, "The Little Einteins went out for coffee and bagels. They'll be back soon," because I just *couldn't* do another minute "Little Einsteins." :)

4. This handy drain cleaning tool that totally works and will save you from ever calling a plumber again (unless you have some major plumbing break-down). Bought it at Target for $10.

5. This handy facial cleaning tool that really and truly made my skin feel softer and more vibrant after one use (it didn't hurt that I had a coupon for $3.75 off).

6. Wanting to see this upcoming movie on motherhood.

7. This creative-mama blog. Totally inspiring ideas!

8. Starting to volunteer with a non-profit called iSanctuary, which works with girls in India who've been freed from the sex-trade. They empower the girls (ages 12-19) to learn how to make a living, through jewelry making, and helping to give them an education. I'm also talking about doing some research and writing of grants for them. This has been a long time in coming; I'm eager to get started!

7. The leaves are slowly turning here and it has been cooler..then it warmed up...then it grew cooler...then it warmed up (you get the idea)'s hoping that fall arrives in full swing SOON.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

9 months

Today marks Curren's 9th month of life. And he is a ball of fun with the best laugh ever. He loves, loves his sister, as so many siblings do at this age.

last water play of the summer

A few weeks back, this is what we did...


Yes, he climbed up there himself!