Wednesday, September 22, 2010

it's blurry, i know, but it's so sweet

I love my iPhone as I can snap pictures any time I want. I just need to remember to take them away from direct light.

But, I had to take this immediately when I saw it.

They were sharing a sucker. And oh-so pleased about it!

1st day

Maggie LOVED her first day of preschool, which began with a traditional special breakfast (pancakes with white chocolate chips and blueberries) on a special plate (must get the "You Are Special" red plate like I had growing up or make my own; all we had on hand was a birthday plate). Or, thanks to my friend Laurie, find some inspiration here.

Growing up, my mom always prepared a special breakfast for us. She actually did an amazing job handing down wonderful school traditions--like notes in our lunches. Until we were in high school. And even into college while we were away. And she is still the master of hand-written notes and care packages. I have learned much from her example.

Maggie loved making new friends, wearing her new backpack, learning about the letter "A," snack time, and playing with the kitchen toys in the classroom.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New tradition: Back-To-School's Eve

Inspired by this post and this post, I decided to replicate something similar for Maggie's first day of preschool on Friday.

Granted, I just did the meal. What's a girl to do with a 20-month old underfoot and a 6-week old in the Moby wrap (btw, my favorite baby carrier, go get one if you have an under-1 year old)?

Maggie picked the meal: parmesan chicken (Ina's recipe to which I added bamboo sticks for more fun eating), edamame (Aron and I had artichokes), risotto with asiago cheese, blueberries, and the best-ever-double-chocolate-chunk cookies for dessert (Maggie and I made them together and this is one of those recipes I've modified and feel I've finally perfected; they are addictive!).

We talked about school, what she's most excited about, and how she can be a blessing to her teachers and friends. I'm looking forward to the school year!

And I'm looking forward to future "BTSEs" and going more all-out with decor. This year it was a simple meal shared by our family. But, we loved it. And I need simple and manageable right now.

Is he his Daddy's son or what?!


Curren is learning to smile on command and say, "Cheese!" Here's a snapshot of what it looks like. Or not (too early in the morning).

I sure love my boy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I really can't get enough of the sister love (and frankly, Curren is too fast to catch any good, sweet loving shots with Kate). I LOVE my sister, we are BFFs and I can only hope Kate and Maggie will be the same.

And I equally love to see Maggie and Curren giving eachother hugs and kisses. Since Curren's birth, I have regularly asked her, "Who's your best friend?" And over time, with my leading, she responds, "Curren." And now adds, "Kate."

It's a small thing, but the whole "my siblings are my best friends" will go a long way in life. I think it's important for us as parents to be instilling in our children from an early age that first, God loves them, second, mom and dad do, and third, their siblings are their best friends. They need to look out for eachother and put the others before themselves. They get lots of practice spending so much time together, don't they? Why not use such times as teachable moments?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Mel

My good friend, Melisa, was out visiting family a couple weekends ago and we were able to see eachother one Saturday morning. I was able to meet her 4th baby, a sweet boy named Beck (who is 3 months older than Kate), and we were able to catch up in person--so refreshing!

We met in 1997 when she was one of my roomates at a super fantastic Bible college in Estes Park, Colorado called Ravencrest. This experience changed my life and the friendships I made are still some of the closest I have today. Mel, along with fellow RC girls Laurie, Tina, and Elicia and I have made a yearly tradition of a girls-only trip. But, the last 2 years have been a bit crazy with babies being born (there are now 16 kiddos between the 5 of us and one on the way!) and just the stages of motherhood, so we are hoping to do it next year in PA (where Mel and Tina live). I love my girls! And I love that Mel was able to meet Kate as well as Curren (our last girls' trip in 2009 was to see Laurie in Atlanta and I was pregnant with Curren).

I'm so thankful for long-lasting friendships. Love you, Mel.

Miss Kate

Meet your new sister!

Maggie is absolutely smitten with her new sister! Smitten I tell you. She wants to be around her all the time, sings to her, holds her hand, brings her things, and is overall, very nurturing. Surprisingly, Curren is also very affectionate towards her, though his hugging usually involves laying on her and bumping her head with his. It's very sweet, really. He is constantly saying, "Ah!" when he sees her and leans his head towards her in affection. What Aron and I didn't anticipate was the extra attention he would need. He has been clingy/tearful much more often since her arrival, but thankfully, I think we are turning a corner.

I can't wait to watch these 3 grow-up together!
First meeting at the hospital