Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet your new sister!

Maggie is absolutely smitten with her new sister! Smitten I tell you. She wants to be around her all the time, sings to her, holds her hand, brings her things, and is overall, very nurturing. Surprisingly, Curren is also very affectionate towards her, though his hugging usually involves laying on her and bumping her head with his. It's very sweet, really. He is constantly saying, "Ah!" when he sees her and leans his head towards her in affection. What Aron and I didn't anticipate was the extra attention he would need. He has been clingy/tearful much more often since her arrival, but thankfully, I think we are turning a corner.

I can't wait to watch these 3 grow-up together!
First meeting at the hospital

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    I was looking at your blog the other day, and I thought, "gosh, she hasn't posted in awhile!" Then I remembered WELL the stage you are in. Enjoy it. Survive it. They are precious! :) Thanks for posting pics!!!!!!!