Monday, March 27, 2006

please check all oversized items

does a journey require a destination? Maybe we're all just passing through. Maybe we all have the same death grip on our seat - just hoping... Hoping against hope we're heading someplace better than here. Lonely, broken, and insecure our generation, sinking in mass-market mediocrity, yearns for something more, something real, something mysterious, someone bigger... someone beautiful.

experience the Authentic, live the Beautiful.
the Terminal: where lives collide.

We have a green light for launch. the Terminal ,Firewheel Bible Fellowship's College and Career ministry, is set for official launch on May 7th. Between now and then we will be hitting the streets hard to let la gente know what's about to hit the 'Firewheel Corridor'. Glad you asked... the 'Firewheel Corridor' is the geographical area (seven mile radius) immediately surrounding Firewheel Bible Fellowship. The Corridor contains over 350,000 un-churched, de-churched, and badly-churched individuals. Conservative estimates place at least 10% of this number between 20-30 years of age. That's at least 35,000 people! I stress the word people... this is not just a number. These are individuals, each with their own story, their own hopes, their own pain, their own quest for joy. Suzanne, I, and our leadership team are excited to see what God is going to do in the next few years; we're planning big and expecting bigger! Please continue to pray over the next month as we make final preparations for the beginning of something beautiful. Thanks for your support!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Sigur Ros

Just a little plug for a wildy unheard of, yet ever increasing in popularity music group. We went to their concert at Bass Hall in Fort Worth on Monday night and it was astounding! Visually and vocally stunning. For nearly 2 hours, this Icelandic band mesmerized the crowd with their unusual style of music, nearly 20 on-stage instruments, and lighting/visual effects. You all should check out the link to the right and see a bit of them in concert. The lead guitarist plays his guitar with a bow the entire time! They received a standing ovation as they wrapped up their U.S. tour at Bass Hall (why would anyone want to end their music tour in Fort Worth!?).


Happy Weekend!

This is a phrase that I learned from my nursing friends years ago when I roomed with Lindsey and 3 other Biola's nursing students--"Happy weekend!" They'd say it to eachother when Friday afternoon rolled around and I always thought it strange, but then it grew on me and now I have adopted it as my own. I say it to all my students and many of them have adopted it, too. It's fun being trendy. :)

This weekend we are headed up to OKC to visit Aunt Peggy and Uncle Bill and our grandparents. A little road trip with the Stutlers should prove fun. We hope to veg out with them and eat some good food. Spring Break is almost one week away and I cannot wait. I'd love to be able to fly somewhere exotic, but alas, that will not happen so I'll be content to rejuvinate at home.

Aron is really enjoying all of his classes and learning such cool things. I've taken a look at several of his projects and they are tremendous. He is getting good marks, too. I'm so proud of him and his balancing act--marraige, p/t work with James Hardie, f/t seminary, high school worship team, and college/career pastor. He even cooked up some migas for dinner for us tonight! What a man.