Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Almost 3 months old

Gavin is one of the most sweet and mellow babies I have ever been around.  He is so content most every day, eats and sleeps well, and is having the best time responding to his siblings' shows of affection.  He gives us the best smiles and is starting to laugh.  What a delightful season of life it is with this little man!

Beach babies

I think the beauty of being back here once again has yet to wear off on me--I hope it stays like that.  I LOVE living near the Pacific and taking the kids often.  Some of these pics are my favorite I've taken.

Life Lately

I'm really loving life with these sweet kiddos.  They keep me laughing, active, tired, joyful, prayerful, and always looking for creative, new activities to try.  Kate is officially potty trained; we started in mid-October and she caught on immediately, though there were still accidents almost daily. The last couple weeks have seen a marked decrease in the accidents, for which I'm thankful.  Maggie continues to love Kindergarten and all-things art-related.  She started an 8-week art class through her school, drawing characters from storybooks, and loves it. Curren still loves all things music and has a natural ability to drum; we are looking for lessons for him.  He is overall so sweet with his sisters (though he and Kate, more than any other, like to aggravate each other daily), loves his brother, and is reading books along with Maggie!  Here are a few snapshots of life lately. 
 Can't believe I only have 1 of 4 in diapers! So proud of her.
 Pigtails--the epitome of a little girl
 Date morning at Panera with these two
 Halloween with the cousins (a first and hopefully not a last).  Kate's face kills me--everything about this pic is *so* her.  And yes, Gavin does not have a costume. You all have no idea how much I loathe buying costumes that they only wear once.  However, this year, I did invest in a couple, knowing the kids would wear them for dress up.
 Park morning with my sister and the cousins again. Have loved them living close!
 Getting his stitches on (hit by a pole during church tear-down one recent Sunday)
 Birthday celebrating with two of my best friends, Lindsey and my sister (of course the babies came along and were totally mellow the whole time, so cool).  Felt loved and cared for; can't believe I'm officially in my mid-30s.  What?!
 Lots of drawing, lots and lots.  LOVE her eye and gift.  She amazes me.
 "I'm not done!" he frequently tells me while holding baby bro.
 Daylight savings--the bane of my existence; up at 5:45/6am most mornings.  However, I do think they are starting to sleep in a little longer.
Sibling fun on the bunk bed.