Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31 Musings

The month of July always feels long to me, but not necessarily in a bad way. It's hard to believe that I have extended unemployment time ahead of me. Instead of going back to school on August 11, I will go back who knows when. Maybe never. Maybe once our kiddos are in junior high/high school. Both Aron and I are looking forward to homeschooling them eventually. I'm not sad to not be working; I'm thrilled to embrace the journey of parenthood and be a mama who can stay home with my children. But, it is weird to think that I have been in some form of school my entire life because my work has included the classroom these past 7 years. Now, after 27 years, I will no longer be in that institution. I'm stoked, though, as I do like change (in many ways) and this will be a one for me.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Trip Pics

Lunch at Pei Wei before going to the airport

Cute couple in B/W :)

Mel and E hanging out

Yearly art project 2006

I do have plans for this, girls!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First shower

My first baby shower. Everything was perfect!

When we came back from the doctor, the girls had this written on the chalkboard. I had to check the box and pop the balloon to tell them what our bebe would be. Very clever!

I got several superb gifts! These girls know me well.


My girlfriends from Bible college days came to visit July 6 (it's hard to believe that in some way we all managed to keep in touch for the last 9 years!). We have made it a yearly tradition to get together each year. The first year we were with Elicia (in blue) in Colorado and last year with Melisa (in grey) in Pennsylvania. While together, we shopped, saw "Pirates of the Carribean," had a memorable meal with great conversation at Cafe Brazil in downtown Dallas, painted a large piece of canvas for our yearly art project, walked/ran around White Rock Lake, watched "The Village" at home, enjoyed a meal cooked by my fabulous husband, and engaged in some deep conversation about life, sitting on the bathroom floor and painting our nails. Another fun highlight for me was being able to share with them the sex of our bebe in person the morning Aron and I found out. In fact, when we got home from the doctor, they had a little baby shower for me, complete with decor, homemade breakfast, a game, and gifts. These girls are my lifeline. They support and sustain me on a daily basis. We are all very different at times, and yet, we have forged a solid and lasting friendship where we are honest and open with eachother and not afriad to call eachother out on various issues. These are the friendships that we seek after so often in this life--and God has blessed me early in my adulthood with 3 women whom I daily walk through life with. I truly am awed.

Next year we'll be with Laurie (in purple) in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, July 14, 2006

New Adventures

I have sworn in the past to be a better blogger and I think I will really do it now. I have some time this summer (already half over!) and I want to use it better. Several bits of big news from the McKays:

*We found out last Friday that our bebe is a little GIRL! CANNOT wait to meet her; I thought boy all along so it was a trip to know it was a girl. She looks very healthy, too.
*Aron has received a promotion with his company, for which we are very excited! It involves relocation back to Mission Viejo and we are taking it. We should be back out there in the next 6-12 weeks. Our little girl will be a CA girl after all. Aron still plans to take online classes for seminary.

God really has a way of leading on this adventure of life. Moving to Dallas 2 years ago we thought we'd be here at least 4-5 years. Seminary, buying our first home, and building a deeper relationship with my sister Shannon and her hubby Steve (as they are our fantastic next-door neighbors) were all the main incentives for the move.

Some reflections: We have cememented an invaluable relationship with S&S in our time here. It's undoubtedly my (and I think Aron would fully agree) favourite thing about our move to Texas. Close behind is our church...we have grown as a couple through the teachings of our pastor and the fellowship of our Life Group. I was able to teach 1 year in public schools--and loved it (who knew!?). Aron finished only one semester of seminary (who knew!?). God. It's pretty amazing to me how He will guide us in one direction under a certain premise and then along the adventure, He shows us more clearly why He is doing what He is doing (i.e. moving us to Texas for other reasons). I do know that we were both prety sure that Aron would have graduated by the time we moved away, but hey, we know He is moving and we are truly thrilled about parenthood and being back in SoCal.