Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First stitches

It was bound to happen, right? I just didn't expect it to happen to one so young and to her of all of my kids. Curren is the crazy one, jumping off everything, boundless energy, so very boy.  Little Miss Kate got 9 stitches in her forehead on the eve of our 10th anniversary after her brother pulled her blanket out of her hands, let go, and she went flying into the corner of a wall.  She only cried briefly and not once at the ER. Aron said the doctors and nurses were so impressed and every time someone new walked in the room, Kate would ask, "What's your name?"  She kept saying, happily, "I'm so BWAVE!"  And she loved the hospital ID band on her ankle, calling it, proudly, her "bwacelet."  

Love you, sweet girl.  You always amaze me with how easy-going you are.