Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st day

Maggie LOVED her first day of preschool, which began with a traditional special breakfast (pancakes with white chocolate chips and blueberries) on a special plate (must get the "You Are Special" red plate like I had growing up or make my own; all we had on hand was a birthday plate). Or, thanks to my friend Laurie, find some inspiration here.

Growing up, my mom always prepared a special breakfast for us. She actually did an amazing job handing down wonderful school traditions--like notes in our lunches. Until we were in high school. And even into college while we were away. And she is still the master of hand-written notes and care packages. I have learned much from her example.

Maggie loved making new friends, wearing her new backpack, learning about the letter "A," snack time, and playing with the kitchen toys in the classroom.


  1. Don't buy a special plate! We are making some later this year for a MOPS craft!!!

  2. she loooks so proud! great job on the breakfast suz!