Sunday, September 5, 2010


I really can't get enough of the sister love (and frankly, Curren is too fast to catch any good, sweet loving shots with Kate). I LOVE my sister, we are BFFs and I can only hope Kate and Maggie will be the same.

And I equally love to see Maggie and Curren giving eachother hugs and kisses. Since Curren's birth, I have regularly asked her, "Who's your best friend?" And over time, with my leading, she responds, "Curren." And now adds, "Kate."

It's a small thing, but the whole "my siblings are my best friends" will go a long way in life. I think it's important for us as parents to be instilling in our children from an early age that first, God loves them, second, mom and dad do, and third, their siblings are their best friends. They need to look out for eachother and put the others before themselves. They get lots of practice spending so much time together, don't they? Why not use such times as teachable moments?


  1. Watching the different sibling relationships really makes me happy. The things they do, especially when they don't know you're watching, really can give you the affirmation that you are teaching them to love one another.

    I love the pics of your sweet girls! And they have an amazing mama!

  2. Such a sweet face on Mags! Love what you said about teaching them about who loves them: God, then parents, then siblings. In the midst of my days with lots of "fighting" this is a good way to introduce more positive ideas. So glad Mags is loving KAte so much. Nothing like the bond of sisters!! xoox