Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Mel

My good friend, Melisa, was out visiting family a couple weekends ago and we were able to see eachother one Saturday morning. I was able to meet her 4th baby, a sweet boy named Beck (who is 3 months older than Kate), and we were able to catch up in person--so refreshing!

We met in 1997 when she was one of my roomates at a super fantastic Bible college in Estes Park, Colorado called Ravencrest. This experience changed my life and the friendships I made are still some of the closest I have today. Mel, along with fellow RC girls Laurie, Tina, and Elicia and I have made a yearly tradition of a girls-only trip. But, the last 2 years have been a bit crazy with babies being born (there are now 16 kiddos between the 5 of us and one on the way!) and just the stages of motherhood, so we are hoping to do it next year in PA (where Mel and Tina live). I love my girls! And I love that Mel was able to meet Kate as well as Curren (our last girls' trip in 2009 was to see Laurie in Atlanta and I was pregnant with Curren).

I'm so thankful for long-lasting friendships. Love you, Mel.


  1. really? we have 16 kids? we are machines. love you too, so glad we could make it work. xxoo

  2. 16, soon to be 17 kids between us. Ok, that is crazy! That's like a whole school class of kids. It's always fun to get to see each other when we can. Glad you and Mel were able to see each other. You both lookin' good! xoox