Friday, October 30, 2009

it's *probably* time to buy the double stroller

We just LOVE our jogging stroller; it's the best we've ever seen or used. But, Curren is getting a little big to stay in the Moby wrap on my chest (how I usually carry him when we go on walks), so on a walk last week with a friend, I put the kids in the jogger together. It was fun---for awhile. Then, C was too squished and Maggie was loving it a little too much and was smothering C with love. :) I'm ready for a double! Phil and Ted, here I come.


  1. love this! those two are too much! reminds me of O & M in the cart at target today (those huge family carts w/ 2 big seats). they still managed to squish & tease the tar out of each other, even though they each had a seat. ah, but they love each other (usually). looks like these two do too. adorable. xo

  2. So hilarious! I love that Mags was having the best time while C...not so much after a while. So tell me which P&T you are going to get; we have to get ours too.