Tuesday, June 17, 2008

back from the dead

I feel that way somewhat. It's been a super crazy, busy, tiresome, sometimes overwhelming last 3 weeks, but we succesfully moved this past weekend. And let's just say that moving is a pain in the ass. Well, it is. But, thankfully, we had some friends come out and help us make the move easier and more enjoyable. We LOVE Wil and Misty and Brad and Tammy! Pictures of their lovely selves coming soon. Then, Monday morning we arrived at the title company at 9am and signed all the papers to close on the sale of our house. Our friends Erin and Christian are on vacation on the East Coast and have graciously let us stay in their house (many thanks!!). Tomorrow we get the keys to the apartment and will start to move a few things over and do the final move on Saturday, where a few more amazing friends are coming out to move us from storage to apartment.

God's been so faithful these past few weeks, it's hard to believe we are on this side of things. I don't think everything has settled in. Maggie and I leave this Friday for 2 weeks in California. My parents are flying into Dallas, and we will all catch a plane to OC together. Upon arrival, we will drive straight to Bishop, to stay with Steve and Shannon and meet our newest family member, Jacob! Aron has to be in OC on business the last few days of this month, so he took vacation days the following week and we will have a week long family vacation together. I'm thrilled!

Pregnancy-wise, I'm doing pretty good. I have noticed that in the past week or so I get very nauseous at night and get a round of chills, like I'm getting sick. I don't remember feeling this way with Mags. Maybe I'm having a little boy!? :) We had our first appointment June 9 and got a picture of our sweet little peanut...due date is January 15, putting me at almost 10 weeks pregnant today.

Random thoughts: Disappointed the Lakers lost the finals, looking forward to reading our next book club book (Janet Evanovich's One for the Money; to my MIL: I know you love Stephanie Plum!), needing to finish Larry Crabbe's From the Inside Out (it's outstanding) and currently enjoying an episode of Bones while waiting for my hubby to come home from a Death Cab for Cutie concert.


  1. Glad to see a post! I know moving is a pain! Tell me about it. ;) LOL. I am finally getting settled. Almost all unpacked. LOL!

    Glad to hear things are going well with baby, and with the move, etc. :)

  2. Wow...sounds like fun. You guys won't know what to do with vacation time.

    You know I remember hearing you mention watching the game...i guess it never crossed my mind that you guys were laker fans...I'm questioning our friendship.

    tee hee- go celtics! sorry

  3. A got to see Deathcab??!! I'm so jealous. We saw them just when they were about to get really huge and it was fabulous. I've always wanted to see them again, but they sell out too fast. A good sign, I suppose.

    You're in CA now - I hope it's so fun. I'm glad your parents flew with you; I think I missed that when we talked, but what a help that will be for you.

    Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Moving is a pain in the ass.....glad you made it through even in a pregnancy that is different from the other. Great to to check back in with you. I can't subscribe since it's like private or something so, sometimes I forget to click on your blog.
    R <><