Sunday, November 23, 2008

the showered one

I hadn't showered.

It was Friday morning.

Maggie and I hung around the house and did laundry and played and I made a pumpkin gingerbread loaf.

I was looking forward to our last cooking club of the year that night.

The day was going well, until Aron called to say that some things at work weren't going so well. A big project had fallen through the cracks. Uh oh.

The day was going well, until Maggie didn't nap at all (she hadn't napped on Thursday either).
**But, I should add, that despite no nap, she was in rather good spirits all day...must be a touch of God's grace...seriously.

Maggie had another round of a persistent, hacking, cough, that had me worried because we had just gotten over the exact same thing 2 weeks ago. I went back and forth all day, but finally decided to call.

The pediatrician wanted me to bring in Maggie (naturally).

I drove up to her office, near our old house in Plano, about 25-30 minutes away, but it took me 45 with traffic because my last-minute appointment was at 4:10pm.

Did I mention that I hadn't showered yet? Because I hadn't.

The verdict of the appointment: strep throat. Back in the car to head home to fill the perscription, then shower, then leave for cooking club.

Aron called to say he'd be late getting home. How late, he wasn't sure.

But, the traffic was bad and it took me another 45 minutes (maybe more) to get to the pharmacy and drop off the perscription.

We arrived home and I fed Maggie dinner, which she didn't touch. Sigh.

Aron called again to say he wasn't sure what time he'd make it home and cooking club started at 7pm and it was 6pm.

Back in the car to pick up the perscription.

Aron called again to say he was finally on his way, but stuck in horrible traffic.

Back home to put Maggie in her pjs and some reading and snuggling time before bed. I decided to scrap the shower all together. Maybe I would just wear MY pjs to cooking club (if I ever made it).

Aron made it home at 7:30 and I raced to my car and drove to Rachel's house.

When I arrived, near 8pm, the door was locked. Unusal.

I walked in, and noticed Rachel's extremely cheerful disposition and thought how nice of a night this was going to be after all.

I entered their Great Room and was greeted by a chorus of "Surprise! Surprise!"

I looked around and all my friends were grinning at me, standing around the bar, which is filled with presents, and I noticed the food in the background and realize I'd been duped.

I was so overwhelmed with the love, I started to cry!

Did I mention I hadn't showered?

I hadn't even put a drop of makeup on either.

But, these were my friends and they would love me regardless.

We enjoyed an amazing tapas dinner, filled with laughter and stories, I opened some wonderful presents for our baby boy, and we indulged in the yummiest desserts possible: chocolate covered strawberries and Sprinkles dark chocolate and red velvet cupcakes.

It was an amazing, amazing night.

And it didn't even matter that I hadn't showered for 3 days (well, I hadn't).

The friends
The food

Because Sprinkles cupcakes deserve a close-up shot

The dessert

The showered one (in one sense)

The gifts

The all-things-breastfeeding gift basket from Allison (because she knows how much I want to make it work this time around!)

The friends again, from R-L: Renee, Erin, Allison, Patti, Thea, me, Nicole, and Rachel
THANK YOU, girls, for everything! It meant the world to me.


  1. How amazing!!! You have great friends!... I totally get the showering thing. LOL!!

    WE should talk Twilight later... I am on the fence with it.


  2. i am so glad you had a great time...what an awesome thing for your friends to do! you have an awesome baby belly and are gorgeous showered, unshowered, or baby-showered :)

  3. awww suz! how wonderful and fun for you! sweet friends. looks like a perfect night! the food, the friends, the baby boy presents! happy for you. and yes, you look great even sans shower:) i would have been dripping in grease (sorry, gross). so glad your friends are taking care of you like that. xo

  4. Oh Suz, what a great ending to a challenging day! Such a nice surprise for you. Hooray for good friends. Looks like you got some good stuff and hopefully by now you've showered, otherwise, that's kinda gross. :)


  5. I can't believe you are having that baby boy so soon! I have been a neglectful blog sorry. Will be praying for the rest of the pregnancy. By the way, you look amazing. I hope I look half that good when I'm knocked up again!

  6. wow, what a great ending to a stressful day! the Lord pours down in blessing when we most need it huh? I'm so glad you have people to love you so well there!

  7. I had so much fun that night and am glad you made it! Wouldn't it be great if every horrible day ended like that?

  8. what a great post...hope you got to shower today. tee hee- have a great turkey day and I can't wait to see the christmas decorations...should I leave a key so you can work on mine?

  9. This is so amazing Suz! What great friends you have! I wish I could have been there! You are such a great story teller!

  10. AWWWWW....that is so sweet suzanne! looks like a wonderful bunch of peeps, great eats, fabulous presents and fun times! yay!

  11. How fun! No shower, join the club. If it weren't for my mom I would never get a shower. You look great. I hope breastfeeding works this time. Miss you, hope to hear from you soon. Send me an email sometime so we can catch up.

  12. Suzanne, what a great story. So many of us can relate! :) What a beautiful ending to the day. Re: breastfeeding, get help from a lactation consultant at the hospital (I saw one like 5 times during our hospital stay) and get plugged in with LLL. I hope it works out!