Friday, March 6, 2009

first haircut

I can't believe it! Maggie had her first haircut yesterday. Isn't this a right of passage?! I know some moms don't cut their little girls' hair for several years, but honestly, Maggie's just needed some shaping and cleaning up. I took her to a kiddie salon. She did fantastic and loved sitting in and "driving" the fire truck and watching a Dora movie. I LOVE the result--more even with some layering (she's gonna always have to have layers of some sort because she inherited my hair--very fine in texture).
She was totally engrossed in the movie.

Of course, she loved the treat at the end--a lollipop! Another first. :)


  1. Love it! I wish we could get hair cuts while watching movies and eating lollipops. ;)

  2. Very, very fun. Wow, she is such a big girl to be able to handle it with such peacefulness. Way to go, Maggie. Yesterday I got my car washed in one of those drive through car washes and they gave me a lollipop to enjoy while being "washed."

  3. it IS a rite of passage! she looks adorable. i so need to do this for e, and she's 5. i'm lazy :(

  4. Beautiful! I wish Jake liked getting his hair cut-even the car and movie didn't convince him that it's fun.

  5. I'm with Shannon- I want a lollipop! And to think I've been paying all that money...

    Her hair looks ADORABLE. Seriously cute. But then, Maggie could pull off a mullet with style...

    miss you, friend.

  6. wow- that is a rite of passage- did you cry? she's growing up daily -- I love watching her evolve.