Saturday, September 26, 2009

the month of september

This month has been one of many ups and downs. The past 2 straight months with Curren have been pretty rough--lots of crying and neediness on his part and me just feeling drained. Of course there have been good moments, but overall, some dark days have been seen. And currently, I think I feel overwhelmed at getting caught up with the blog because I am far behind and feel emotionally spent in many ways. But, I also know the value of blogging; it's a good, creative outlet for me and a way to stay connected to family and friends. So, here's a quick run down of the past month:

*We went to Bishop to visit with the Stutlers over Labor Day weekend and had a blast...lots of walking, being outdoors, eating good food, and going to the Tri-County Fair.

Maggie's first roller coaster ride...if only you could have seen the pure ELATION on her face as she rode this and talked about it for days and days and days afterward.

*While this month specifically has been very challenging with Curren, it finally came to a head and we saw some change in his personality because he finally started taking the bottle (a pleasant surprise since he has refused it up to this point and I basically gave up back in August) and is chugging roughly 8-12 oz. of formula a night before bed...and is now the HAPPIEST baby ever! I think he's been hungry, poor guy. It's been fun to see him grow and change in the past 4 weeks. He is now 8 1/2 months old and has been crawling super fast everywhere for weeks and weeks. He has been standing up and cruising the furniture since month 7; I think he'll walk before Maggie did. He has the BEST laugh, a suck-in-high-pitched squeal and it just brings the biggest smile to all our faces. He LOVES Maggie and gets all lit up when she is around. He loves to be tickled and cuddled and rocked. He loves the outdoors, chewing on all things related to electronics, and loves to study people around him (see the face shot of him below...this is his very intense stare).


  1. i see the 'stare-down' in that pic. sooo cute. and how he chews on electronics:) thanks for the great post suz! great to see the pics of the fair. love mags on her ride:) xoxo

  2. there are some sweet moments/memories here suz! thanks for sharing and being honest about where you've been. I know we have to force ourselves back to blogging sometimes, but you are right that it can be a good thing and i for one (among many I'm sure) am glad to have you back!

  3. I've missed your posts! I'm so glad you put one up, and I loved all the pics! Holy cow, though, I'm not sure where time went?! Curren looks so much more grown up! And Maggie, well, she just looks like such a little lady!

    I hope that October is a better month! Oh, and Shiloh just walked up to the computer, looked at that last shot of Curren and said "Like that BABY!" hehe

  4. Hooray, so glad you're back!

  5. Love the pics - especially fun to see Mr. C and how big he is getting! You are looking good too, my friend. So glad you're back; you were very much missed.


  6. So glad to see you "back". Good to know how to pray as I go through the day. There are four young mom's with their first babies in a Bible Study at our home and that will remind me to pray for you all as well. Personally, I just have to say that I think you are an amazing young woman, and I admire your openess and your commintment to the Lord and your family.