Friday, November 6, 2009

faces by lindsey

I wish you knew how many of my good friends are very gifted photographers (in no order): Elicia, Tina, Laurie, Bethany, Shey, Erin, Linds, Allison, my sister, Nicole. I hope I'm not leaving anyone off! If so, tell me and I'll make an addendum. These friends have the *best* cameras (Allison, that was for you!). No, really, they have the best eyes for photographing life around them and capturing the moments that happen. Lindsey took these shots last week of my sweet kiddos. She is also taking our Christmas pics. I can't wait!


  1. I LOVE great pictures! Can't take 'em, but I love 'em.

    WHO does Curren look like? Maybe I haven't known you and Aron long enough, but Curren just seems to have his own look!

  2. Awww! Thanks, Suz!! You're so sweet. :)

    Those pictures are super cute!

  3. really like that 1st one of mags sporting the jewels. can't wait to see Christmas pics! xo

  4. These are fantastic! Are you going to frame them? You should - love them! Can't wait to see the Christmas photo!! xoxoxo

  5. Nice job, Lins! Great shots. Looking forward to seeing the Christmas pic. ;) xoxoxoxo

  6. Your babies are so pretty, but it's bittersweet watching them grow up and not being able to snuggle them in person....

    And I totally DO have the best camera. Like Martha Stewart's oven.

    love you, friend!