Monday, August 23, 2010


The blog is much overdue in an update--we've had so much going on this summer, it feels a bit daunting to write about it all. But, I have to start somewhere! Here's the first shot I have for you of our 3 sweet kiddos: Kate is here! She arrived August 3 and is an AMAZING baby so far (almost 3 weeks old!). I'm working on her birth story post and editing pics.

For now, I start with this sweet pic of the siblings on an old quilt in a friend's backyard.


  1. how sweet. they are all just so cute. Hey...I've had lots of computer issues and life happening as you are well aware this year all of your free time. tee hee can you send me your number/address. If I come across it in my search I'll let you know. or better yet you'll just hear from me.

    Really glad all is well for you guys. Miss you so much...everytime I see a what looks to be your car reminds me of our trips to targets/parks/etc. I so just wanted to call you the other day and say..hey heading to....wanna come? ahhh, just missing you as you can tell. hugs!!