Monday, January 3, 2011

Maggie turns 4!

Maggie turned 4 years old on December 11 and as you all know, time flies. It was a rainy, wet day when we had her party, rescheduled from a previous day due to me being sick. Maggie really enjoyed the morning, complete with a half dozen friends and all their siblings. An added bonus was my sister and her family were in town for the holidays so were able to be at the party, too. It was definitely a full house, but fun! We played, opened gifts, let the kids run out some energy briefly in the wet outdoors, and ate cake. I'm so grateful for all the sweet friends and their mamas who came and gave Maggie some wonderful gifts.

Maggie continues to delight us. She truly loves her siblings, loves her friends, playing with princesses, playing "voices" (where either Aron or I pretend to be a whole host of characters from various shows or books), drinking juice, learning and loving Preschool and AWANA, and singing and drawing as often as she can. We love you, sweet girl!

A creative gift from my friend Lindsey--a sugar cookied shaped "M" with a little jar full of individually wrapped sprinkles and other decor, and several bags of frosting for her to decorate the cookie!
A tried my hand at the Rainbow Cake featured on The Idea Room blog here. Overall, very easy, and Maggie said it was her favorite part of the party. :)


  1. I've been keeping my eye out for this post! I love that you did the rainbow cake! I've been eyeballing it for a while now. Looks like an awesome bday for M! She seems like such a sweet girl!

    And, FYI, you and your mother are some of the sweetest people ever! <3

  2. Great job on the cake---Happy Birthday, Maggie!!

  3. So cute! I was planning on attempting that cake for my girls' birthdays too. It looks huge!

  4. i posted a comment yesterday...are you blocking me? ha! i'm sure it was my internet connection. LOVE the cake, especially the marshmallow clouds. love that sweet girl.

  5. Beautiful cake Suzanne! I think I might try that for Emma's birthday.