Wednesday, July 16, 2008

children's reading corner

Mo Willems fantastically writes and illustrates these books for young children. With delightful humor, stories conveys the importance of friendship, love, encouragement, and a variety of other character traits. A one time illustrator for "Seasme Street," Willems has written several children's books; here, I am specfically recommeneding his "Elephant and Piggie" series. You will laugh out loud!


  1. This looks FABULOUS! Love the book recs - I will put this on my list to check out.


  2. Read it once at your house and lve it! I found out that there are more too!
    Love the last line... "Good Luck"

  3. i meant to say that we just got another of his books that we loved loved from the library "Leonardo, the Terrible Monster" check it out