Tuesday, July 8, 2008

maggie update

We have one hilariously, spunky girl. She still says "hi" to most anyone and everyone she meets and even shakes the occasional proffered hand. She loves to hug little kids her age and give kisses. And she is one verbal child. She has recently begun using short phrases and more and more pointing out things/talking about things without being prompted. During lunch yesterday she said, "More broccoli" and I didn't even ask her if she wanted more. She says "bye bye" to lots of things on her own and even to things that don't really make much sense. As we were driving home from dinner last night she said, "Bye bye water." What?! Later, it was, "Bye bye car." We were driving in our car. I was a bit confused. Oh well. She's been learning some Spanish words and can say a few of the basics including "hola," "adios," "que tal," and "muy bien." She really loves to draw (still scribblings at this point of course) and color with her Color Wonder markers (in my opinion, one of the best kid-friendly inventions ever). Also apparently we go to the park often and as of late out to eat many a night, because whenever we get in the car, she usually asks one of two questions once buckled in: "Park?" or "Eat?" She also is obsessed with counting, joyously saying, "three, four, five, six!"

And this kids *loves* music, often singing at the top of her lungs in the car. It's awesome. While in Bishop, my dad bought her this book that had a little piano at the bottom of it. The piano is part of the book, it doesn't have actual keys that play music. But, Maggie cleverly decided to start plunking away on them and singing. I'm not sure where she has ever even seen a piano. And she started calling it a "p-yo." Mom and dad taught her "Jesus Loves Me" one afternoon while I was out shopping with Shannon and when I got home, she was singing over and over, "Jesus, Jesus, Bible, Bible." Just.Like.That.

I love this girl.


  1. LOL!!!! P-yo! Love it! :)

    I told ya that they explode after 18 months. ;) Zoe is too. LOL. And shocking... definitely!

    Oh, and color wonder! AWESOME!!!! We have been using them for years. Great invention!

  2. i love hearing about what your spunky girl is up to. she had such a lovely personality...still can't wait to meet her in person! i am jealous that roby got to! and, yes, i agree too...color wonder rocks my world. just got owen a buzzlightyear one the other day...it keeps him content for hours (especially helpful at restaurants!) keep the cute little anecdotes coming! you've inspired me to hopefully update our blog with what o is up to *soon*!

  3. i smiled thinking about maggie going around saying hi to everyone she sees!! what a big girl she is getting to be!

  4. I love the Maggie stories! She is such a ham - wonder who she gets it from?! It's so fun to see them grow up and doing all these fun things and saying stuff. She is one smart little chick. Can't wait to see what #2 is going to be like!


  5. hearing your kids sing to Jesus, one of THE sweetest things ever, yay!

  6. How cute that she is speaking Spanish! I'm gonna have to try that with Jake. I love that she hugs and kisses other kids. SO sweet.