Tuesday, September 2, 2008

craiglist ad

Thanks to Kathryn for sending this to me. You *HAVE* to read this ad in its entirety. I post it here because it's hilarious to me and I'm not trying to mock the parents...it actually more baffles my mind how specific their requirements are for their ideal nanny.

My favorite requirements include:
*Vegetarian friendly
*NOT letting the baby cry (I'm all for certain aspects of attachment parenting, but never letting a child cry?! I can't tell you how much I disagree with this)
*Having to change your hygiene habits
*No personal time (what?! even while the baby is sleeping?! this is CRAZY)

Bottom line: *Clearly* they are looking for the perfect fit and no one will do this better then, well, them! So they should just stay home with the infant. There, problem solved!

Read it here.


  1. What I'm worried about is that this nanny will starve... trapped in someone elses home for 12 straight hours without a chance to eat because they are too busy wearing a child or preparing chopped vegetables and lettuce for the parents :)

  2. This nanny better get paid about 100 grand a year!!

  3. ummm yes, try staying home and not trying to have your cake and eat it too! yikes...i could go on and on here with asking someone else to do all these things...but your bottom line sums it up!

  4. This is so dang funny! I mean, they are clearly your typical first time parents - wanting to do it all: baby signing, no TV, introduction to foreign languages. I mean, just a tad over the top and they basically want this person's life to belong to them and their child. I say this sounds like the job from hell!

  5. I wish we could see if they ever end up with someone!!
    What happens if the babysitter cries??

  6. I'm feeling sorry for the kid. I hope they are saving money for her therapy. Unrealistic, high maintenance, naive, people make me tired. Not for all the money in the world would I want that job.

  7. Oh MY goodness! If the mom is currently fulfilling all of these requirements, I'd like to meet her, because she is Superwoman. And lying.

  8. Wow, you know I've been in Colorado too long when a list like this doesn't sound all that crazy! Not to suggest I'd list ANY of those things, but they do sound ever so familiar :)

  9. There are very few things in this list that I wouldn't want for my own (non-existent) nanny... With fragrance allergies, I even understand the non-scented lotions thing. But seeing the list IN TOTAL, and noting their seemingly complete inability to prioritize their requirements is funny and frightening ... I don't know who to feel sorrier for - the child who doesn't know better or the adults who have to be around these people on a regular basis! Geesh!