Friday, August 29, 2008

OKC visit

I spent Sunday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon in OKC this week, visiting my aunt and uncle and grandparents. My aunt and uncle are always so hospitable and we enjoyed good conversations, some good eating out, a movie, and shopping. Two special treats: my aunt bought me a pedicure (hooray!!) and I found the perfect baby book for our bambino, and she bought it for him! Wonderful! We spent time with my grandparents, swinging outside and eating a homemade lunch of stew and cornbread (courtesy of my grandma, which I'm sad to say, I didn't get a good picture of). One morning, aunt Peggy and I ventured to the OKC zoo, which I haven't set foot in since I was a child. It was AMAZING. If you are in OKC, you must visit. The animals were so clean and close, the landscape perfect, the tram ride superb, and the weather wasn't too hot. I love that we live close enough to see everyone so often now.

Our girls *loves* tomatoes and basically grabbed these before I could even cut them!
I'm a nerd, but this is a Mold-O-Rama plastic lion that you can have made at the zoo; these things were classic when I was a kid and I was super stoked to get one! The sad thing: we lost it somewhere between wandering the zoo and the car. :(

The fantastic play area for kiddos of all ages

The zoo was quite empty and we almost had the whole tram to ourselves!


  1. That looks like such an amazing zoo! :)

    And re: a previous post, that is so wonderful that you're getting on-campus housing at DTS. (BTW, we know quite a few Dallas graduates who think very highly of the school!)

  2. mold-o-rama? so funny! great looking zoo indeed! Very cool to have these special tims w/ just mags before bambino comes!

  3. meant to mention that I love the one of mags holding your grandpa's hand! so sweet

  4. The Mold-o-Rama was MY favorite thing at the zoo too in elementary school! Crazy how they still have those things around =) Great pictures and you guys are just non-stop travelers!

  5. sounds like you had a great trip! i love that you've been able to see family a lot! and it's great that mags enjoys traveling too!

  6. Love the pic of Mags and Grandpa! So cute. Ah, the mold-o-ramas. Miss those things. ;) Good memories. So glad you could take her to the greatest zoo on the planet(at least we thought so when we were kids.)