Friday, August 8, 2008

bink update #1

Last night was our first night without the bink (and all of them were in the industrial garbage can outback, with no hope of retrieval). I was surprised how Maggie didn't ask for it as I read her books and had her finish her milk (our night routine that Aron usually does, but he was outside on a business call). After 7 books and dad had not come in, I decided to go ahead and put her down. I held her, prayed with her, then laid her in the crib. She started to cry immediately, and I walked out. Aron came in not long after, and Maggie cried for about 10 minutes, off and on. I thought maybe she was missing dad, we *do* have a nighttime routine she clearly recognizes, so maybe that is what she needed. Aron read with her and prayed with her, then attempted to put her down and alas, she started to wail once again. He sat with her for about half an hour, singing to her. About this time, I just felt like we needed to put her in the crib and let it be. So, I walked it, took her from him, and held her. She had part of her blanket in her mouth, so I said, "That's good, chew on that." And she did! I laid her down without a peep and we did not hear from her until this morning! Hooray!!

However, we are attempting to nap right now. She fell asleep in the car on the way home from a fun morning with friends, and I tried to transfer her (she was FULLY asleep on my shoulder) and the minute I laid her down, she woke up and said, "Bink?!" Rats! I quietly made my exit. Now, I hear her talking to herself...PLEASE go to sleep, girl.

Now, she is crying. Ugh.

Well, we have to push through this! And we will.


  1. I remember taking the pacifier from Angelina. She was fine after about 2-3 days. :) She will get it. LOL. That was one reason I was glad that Zoe wanted nothing to do with the pacifier! ha ha. You're such a good mama! ;)

  2. You all can do it!! Swapping for a new doll was such a great idea. I've heard a lot of ideas, but that was a new one for me. I'll be praying for your night.

  3. Great idea to give M the doll and talk about being a big girl! She'll come around in a few days - just keep at it and (I know you won't give in). Just think of it like the whole "cry it out" thing - it's not fun in the moment ,but it's really better for everyone once it's done. Hang in there! (and maybe she'll end up being a blanket sucker, like E - that was a good idea to encourage that).


  4. You can do it! I love the pic of her and her doll.