Monday, August 4, 2008

birthday party!

Maggie enjoyed her second friends' birthday party this past Saturday night. Sheldon and Renee's son, Pierce, turned one last week. We enjoyed hanging out with friends, the guys played pool and darts upstairs, we ate "walking tacos" (which were yummy!) and cake, and let the kids play outside in the pool (although, most of us moms lasted about 15 minutes outdoors and hauled the little ones back was a scorcher that day!). Here are some pics from the festivities and I'm sad to say I don't actually have any pics of Pierce eating cake, nor any good ones of him alone (Renee, send me a couple so I can update this post!). Happy 1st, Pierce!

This is my good friend, Rachel. We have very few pics together and I'm sure she'll *love* that I posted a pic, but hey, she's gorgeous and I think we look cute together here. :)
I love D's curls!

Mags, Aron, and sweet Charlotte.

Staying cool in the pool.

Mags, D, and Pierce swimming away


  1. suz, you're looking HOT! loving the hair. and that mags is too much with those sunglasses! adorable. xo

  2. By the way, LOVE those sunglasses and 2 piece on Mags! :) Mike freaked when I bought Zoe a 2 piece, and made me take it back. LOL!!! Zoe would never keep sunglasses on, I wish she would!!!

    Love that picture of you and Rach!

  3. She looks like you in the sunglasses picture.