Thursday, August 7, 2008

bye, bye bink!

We have always called Maggie's pacifier her bink. And as of today, the bink is gone.

I did it. I really did.

For the last week, I have been contemplating getting rid of it (we really only do it at nap and bedtime, but still, I'm ready to be done with it). I had planned to do it yesterday, but just chickened out. Then, headlessly perhaps, this moring, I just decided I needed to follow through with my plan. I snatched up all binks and sat Maggie down.

"Binks are for babies and you are a big girl!" I began, as I put ALL the binks in a ziplock blog. "Big girls have dolls!" And I proceeded to have her unwrap a new doll. She was thrilled.

We said, "Bye, bye bink." And that was that.

At least I hope so. She hasn't asked about it all day long. She ended up napping in the car today, a total rarity for us, so I'm a bit unsure how our night will go. Bedtime is in about an hour, so we shall see!


  1. You my dear, are a brave woman!!!

  2. She can do it! Just make take a few days of crying first, but she will get used to not having it. That much I can promise. ;)

  3. How this brings back wicked memories! trinity was fine, I wasn't. I think I was attached to the paci, not her! I have been talking myself up to take Everett's away at 1 year old. He is even more attached than Trinity. He *needs* one in his mouth and one in each hand to fall asleep.
    You are going to feel such a relief in about 3 days when the memory of it is gone! You go girl!