Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the windy city

Aron had to be in Chicago Monday and Tuesday for work, so Maggie and I joined him and we left on Friday night. It was a fantastic trip, full of some good family time and friends. Aron's boss invited his team out early and hosted a party at his pad on the 34th floor of a building on Lake Shore was AMAZING! We could see everything perfectly. I did get a big freaked out by the height (I'm not really scared of heights, but I had this image of Maggie falling over!), so I stayed inside mostly, and anytime Maggie went out there, we always held her and did not let her walk around (she really could not have fallen, but STILL...I wanted to play it safe). We met Randall and Shel for dinner Saturday night and enjoyed catching up, even though Maggie was being a pill at dinner. I spent a large portion of Sunday with my good friend Kathryn, going to a Lill purse party (which I LOVED and am jhoping to host a party for soon) and just catchig up on life. She was out to visit me in April and we stay in touch weekly. Monday, I was able to go to my mom's group and it was fun to chat with my old friends (Liz, I missed you and Deanna!). Later that day, Kate and I let the girls hang out at their house and Tuesday, Mags and I rode the blue line into downtown and met up with Shel again for coffee. Too fun! Thanks to everyone for spending time with us and loving on our family.
The planes came so close to the water (or so it seemed). It was amazing!
The view of Navy Pier from his boss' condo

The view of downtown and the Sears Tower

The beach was packed with people enjoying the air and boat show

This picture is classic because Maggie started covering her ears when the planes would fly over and eventually, ended up getting really freaked out by them in the end.

These are our good friends, Randall and Shelley (aka Laurie's sister)Uncle Randall and Auntie Shelley...they aren't truely Maggie's aunt and uncle, but we feel they are like family. After we left dinner with them, Maggie continued to say, "Bye, bye Wandall, bye, bye, bye Shelley." Too sweet!

Hanging out after a dinner of delicious tapas

Maggie's good friend, Amelia. We spent the day on Monday with Kathryn and Amelia at their house and the girls ate lunch, played together nicely, and napped. It was so much fun!

Coloring and playing with the doll house at Amelia's table

The girls did such a nice job sharing!

Kathryn and I; she is one of my closest friends and we still talk an average of 3x a week. We miss all our good friends in Chi-town.

Maggie and I spent two nights with our friends the Campins; it was not only a more spacious and toy-filled play place than our hotel, but Leslie and I were able to catch up. They were SO gracious to let us eat their food and sleep in their beds. Here are Maggie and Trinity, playing with wistles. They had a ball together! Leslie told me today that Trinity was pretending to be "Mrs. McKay" and told Leslie to be "Maggie." Too sweet!


  1. so glad you had a great time!! Where did you get Maggie's dress? It is SO cute!

  2. So many cute photos! Looking good, my friend! Sweet Mags is so big and can she be any more precocious?! I'm a little jealous that you got to see my sis, but so glad you had a wonderful trip seeing old friends.


  3. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip! I'm so glad you spent time with Kathryn and Shelley. Ameilia is so big and sooo adorable! What a crazy view from his boss' condo. Sister, you look amazing as ever! Can't wait to meet the little man. ;)

  4. We loved seeing the whole McKay family, and I love even more that it didn't feel like you've even left. Thanks for making the quick trip up here! It's kept me going a bit.

    P.S. Can you forward photos? Thanks!

  5. I'm so jealous that you got such a lovely weekend in Chicago. I want to hang with the Smiths too! :) You look great and Maggie couldn't be any cuter... That last picture with the whistles is just adorable! Love to all the McKays...