Monday, August 4, 2008

family visit

Aron's mom, aunt Dinah, and sister, Cari, arrived on Saturday night for a quick visit. We have enjoyed showing them the sites of Dallas and eating good food (Texas' national pastime). We have taken them to our favorites: Red, Hot, and Blue (best barbecue), Pappadeaux seafood, La Madeline, and Breadwinners. After brunch on Sunday, we headed over to the Dallas Museum of Art and all thoroughly enjoyed strolling through the galleries. Later, we came home, let Mags nap, and we hung out and talked for several hours, then headed to eat fantastic seafood for dinner. In between, Maggie recieved a special present--some new baby dolls to play with! She hasn't let them out of her sight. Aron couldn't take the day off today (Monday), so we girls have been busy doing more in the area, notably the Dallas Arboretum. We tried to get there near opening, so it wouldn't be *too* hot, and managed to enjoy the grounds. Later today, we will head over to do some shopping in Frisco, and for dinner, eat pizza from Fireside Pies. It's been a delightful visit and we are so thrilled they could come. They fly out tomorrow for Atlanta, to visit Aron's brother, Ryan, and his family for a few days.

Outside the Dallas Museum of Art
Aron and I discovered this Van Gogh and fell in love. Neither of us had seen it before and really thought it was beautiful; the blues make the picture.

Not a great pic of our fam (no flash allowed in museums, you know), but wanted to get a belly shot and also include me in one of the pics as often mamas can get left out. :)

Another not-so-great shot (red eye cannot seem to be reduced), but hey, wanted to capture the moment.

Daddy chasing Maggie outside the museum
She really is thrilled to have new baby dolls (twins), courtsey of Mema.

At the Arboretum today; she is in the middle of saying the word "flower."
Cari, Dinah, and Laurie hanging out near the decorative waterfalls


  1. Marmee and Grandpa really enjoyed reading the blog. Maggie is too cute for words, and we wish we could hug and hold her. Suzanne, love the white outfit showing off your curve in front of the white door. Great pics. Love you all very much.

  2. Sounds like such a fun time! You all definitely do a great job entertaining family and friends!! I am learning from you so in October when my parents come to visit I can figure out what to do to entertain them while they are in AZ. :)

  3. She is so cute and getting so big. I almost feel like I know her and have met her just from keeping up with the blog. I can't wait until our families finally get to meet.

  4. Any significance to Maggie getting twin baby dolls?? :o)

  5. Thanks for entertaining the girls. Sorry I couldn't be there too.


  6. You have a child who will sit in a stroller while you tour a museum?! I'm jealous. Her hair is looking so long and full!

  7. It looks like you guys are having a blast! I know what you mean about the Van Gogh, I saw one at the V.G. museum in Amsterdam that actually brought tears to my eyes! Text books can never do art justice!