Tuesday, April 28, 2009

many thanks

Thanks so much to all my sweet friends and family who have called, emailed, or commented to the posts below about my struggles as a mom. I have had several good days, taking things in stride and seeking my strength from the Lord. I'm doing better. I am so thankful for my community!

Here are a few random shots:

Playing with our friend, Josie this morning--all hugs and smiles. The girls played PERFECTLY together!


  1. That first shot is GREAT!!! I love his eyes.

  2. yes, such a good pic of you and c. it IS the best when kids play well together. it looks like they loved eachother to death ;)

  3. ahhh! i agree! that shot of you & curren is amazing. love it. that boy is CUTE, i tell ya!!! watch out girls. mia may have a crush someday;) xo

  4. Love the first shot - is that your new hair style? I likey! Mags is such a big girl, I can't believe how big she is now.