Sunday, May 24, 2009

road trippin' day 1 and 2

We left Dallas on Friday night after a day of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and packing and loading. It was exhausting but we made it! And we couldn't have done it without the help of our neighbors, Bethany, Tyce, Ellie, Jeremiah and some extra last-minute help from Kyle and Justin. But, most thanks goes to Bethany for helping me clean all week and get ready. I'm sure we'll get most of our deposit back thanks to all her hard work! :) We had hoped to leave Dallas by 4pm, but didn't end up getting until 7pm. We stopped in Lewisville to feed Curren, then headed up to OKC. I downed half a bag of M&Ms, courtsey of Bethany, and talked to Maggie for 2 hours, as she asked lots of questions (including a random and very sad one: "Where is my home?") and soon requested her sunglasses (which she promptly put on for 1 hour). Curren cried on and off for 1 hour, despising his carseat; and when Maggie finally fell asleep at 10pm, she proceeded to wake up on and off over the next 1 1/2 hours, crying because her pillow had slipped, her blanket had fallen, she was cold, she wanted Daddy, etc. It was rough for a good 50-60 mile stretch. All I could think was, "Dear God, we haven't even started our trip!" But, we finally pulled into the Churchill's house around midnight and were all tucked in bed by 1am. OF COURSE, Maggie woke up at 6:30am. Dang. It. All.

We headed to my aunt and uncle's house later that morning and enjoyed a fun-filled day with family, celebrating my grandpa's 90th birthday. There was a good 50 people there; so fun! Maggie was charming, passing out napkins and answering lots of questions.

Today is Sunday. After momentarily locking my son in the Churchill's house alone (he was fine, resting peacefully on the bed), we figured out the garage code and let ourselves in, headed to Jonnie's for breakfast (best granola ever!), and are now at Aunt Peggy's house one last time. Mom and Peggy just took Maggie for a walk, and in half an hour, we are headed to see my grandparents one last time, then hopping on I-40 and heading West!

Saying goodbye totally sucks. I miss my friends already!

Amarillo, here we come.


  1. thanks for the update suz. thinking of you guys. praying now. xo

  2. Sounds adventurous! Makes me remember my trip ALONE w/ my girls from North Carolina to Arizona last June. :) Amarillo can be scary.. stay safe! We didn't stop there... wasn't comfortable all by myself. We stopped in New Mexico.

    Thinking about praying for you all!


  3. defintely thinking of you as you travel..."amarillo by morning.." classic george strait, just up your's and a's alley :p. did I just write "up yours"?

  4. I started to tear up just reading your last sentence. I miss you!
    But that did make me laugh when you said you left at 7 pm. Josh asked me when you left and I said (before I had even read this) that you were planning on leaving at 4 which meant you probably didn't leave until 7! I am not even kidding!

  5. That's funny about locking your son in my parents house!!! And, I didn't know Johnnies had the best granola ever.... thanks for the tip... I'll have to try it!