Tuesday, December 15, 2009

maggie is 3!

Last Friday, December 11, Maggie turned 3 years old. In most ways, I really CAN believe she is this old, but in others, it is hard to believe that she is already 3. We kept things simple for her birthday part: a few friends over to play, lunch, cupcakes, and presents. We did a "red" theme, as her favorite color is red: red flowers to decorate, red fruit, red velvet cupcakes, red decor, and well, I think that's about it. I will admit the party did not go as I had planned: I had to run to the store that morning to get an ingredient for the cupcakes and I had my first OB appointment that morning, and thus, was actually LATE to her party! I was just an emotional wreck before it even began. You know that feeling of just being totally spent, of feeling emotionally raw? That's how I was going into her party and I hated it and I prayed about it and tried to embrace and finally, I was able to, but it took many hours. I'm not sure why I was so spent, I have to attribute some of it to being pregnant and just feeling very, very sluggish. It takes me for.ever these days to get things done. I think I was just running amok that morning and it left me feeling raw. I hate to run amok (and yes, that is the correct spelling for that word!). But, at the end of the day, the party was a huge hit and I'm most assured the kids liked decorating their cupcakes the best. Thanks to my friends who came, loved on our sweet Maggie (and me!), and helped us celebrate.

I love Maggie's face in the background!


  1. I too love the way she's woofing down her cupcake! Great party suz! One thing i've had to learn (and still forget) is that the party rarely goes the way I envision it, but the kids never seem to notice. Looks a fun time for mags but I am sorry you were so spent. xxoo

  2. i'm sorry too suz. sounds like a tiring day for you:( glad it turned around by the end. i'm usually whirling around at *any* party that i throw and i'm never as relaxed/prepped as i hope to be. i bet mags had a blast. she is so darn adorable. something about her reminds me of mia in the one pic. the red cupcakes look YUM! fun idea. xo

  3. I had a great time, and I feel special to be featured in the party photos! :0)
    It's true that the kids don't notice when all the details don't go as planned... Bennett had a wonderful time... he talked about it for days!
    I think the party went just swimmingly (yes, I just said that). But... I myself am a girl who likes things to go "just so," and who has and expectation for nearly everything in life, so I do relate to the way you were feeling and am sorry you had such a rushed, frustrating morning.

  4. It looks like a great party, friend! I'm sorry you're feeling so spent... don't forget to slow down and breathe. I'll be there in 30 mins to wrangle your babies while you go take a nice long nap.

    Oh, wait.

    That's right.

    See? Yet another example of why moving to CA was a bad idea. I still love you.

  5. Ok, my brain isn't always available these days. Did I email you or send you a note on facebook to tell Maggie happy birthday? Because I know it was her birthday and I think I did but I am really not sure! Just know I didn't forget about you on that day!

  6. We had FUN! I also love the huge-bite-of-cupcake picture. :)

    I saw that you won Bundle 10 on Project320----yay!!!