Tuesday, December 15, 2009

birthday heirloom signs

I commissioned my incredibly talented friend, Tina, to make birthday signs for my kiddos. We've been friends for over 12 years, meeting that long ago at a Bible college in Estes Park, Colorado. She is an incredible mom, wife, and friend, and is very artsy, though she is remiss to admit it. :) Tina had made similar signs for her two kiddos and when I saw the pics, they instantly struck a chord with me. I really wanted one. Badly. And I LOVE the idea of hanging up the sign every year on their birthdays--the kids will learn to anticipate their birthday and enjoy seeing their special sign decorating the living room. I love her handwriting and she said she created a stencil for each sign.

If anyone is interested in one, let me know and I'll pass along Tina's info!


  1. Wow! Very impressive! She did an amazing job. What a fun thing for the kids to look forward to every year.

  2. I love those! Very cool to use each year

  3. Yes. Facebook me her info!