Monday, January 4, 2010


I plan to actually try to blog something every day this year. I want to get back into it and use it as a creative outlet and an place to update family and friends on life, like I used to. In so many ways, I feel like I'm still settling in to life here in OC and the shock of yet another move is still lingering some 9-months later. It's been *really* hard at times, harder in ways I did not expect. Hopefully, this will be a place I can be real and write. I do love blogging and plan to be more proactive this year.

For today, here's some random information: a junior high bully of mine just friended me on Facebook. It was really weird to see her "friend request" staring at me from my inbox. She left some residual pain in my life and it's come up from time to time these past 15 years. Isn't it odd how something you think you've dealt with will still surprise you with untapped emotion? It took many years for me to forgive her and a few others at the small, Christian school I went to for their years of bullying. But, I feel I've been able to move on and grow and put the past pain and hurt behind me. So, I friended her. And I wrote on her wall. It was actually sort of freeing. Very cool.


  1. It's surprising how lasting pain can be, I guess! Cool of you to friend her.

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog daily!

    Loved running into you and the little ones today. :)

  2. I had the same type of feelings from not one but two ex-boyfriends of which I was very close to...lots of pain in those relationships but I love that we're all grown up and past it and can share from a distance in the joys of each others lives.

    good luck with the blogging friend, we always love hearing what you have to say or muse about.

    I'm hoping to use my blog as more of creative outlet to share ideas I find our come up with this year we'll see how that goes I figure people don't want to read about cohen and dealey ALL the time.

  3. love you and I'm so thankful for your honesty and your desire to pursue righteousness. Thank you for all the ways you challenge me (whether you realize it or not)