Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Munch loves to munch

One of the nicknames we have for Curren is "Little Munch" or just plain "Munch." He loves to chew on everything and always has. We also call him "C," "Brother," or "Little Man." After all, how many ways can you shorten "Curren" (which over course we do call him because we love his name)?

And as I've said before, this kid is in to EVERYTHING, so much more so than Maggie ever was at this age. He loves to dig in the pantry when we aren't looking and he loves this box of Trader Joe's crackers. He knows right where it is, will grab it, and sit down and eat a few. Maybe we should consider a new nickname for him: "Little Sneak."


  1. I swear that the getting in to things is a classic boy trait!!! He is getting so big!

  2. Ha Ha, that's adorable!