Wednesday, January 13, 2010

happy birthday, curren!

1 month old
3 months old
5 months old
8 months old
Birthday boy!

Today is Curren's 1st birthday!! Happy birthday, little man! Really, where did this year go? I remember thinking that Maggie's first year went by very s.l.o.w.l.y. But, his has just flown. I'm sure it's a combination of having an older child to take care of (life just moves at a faster clip) and that we moved cross-country.

It's currently 8:30am as I write this and at this time last year, Curren was 2 hours old and we were settled in nicely after our incredible delivery. God was so good and so faithful to our prayers: Curren was born via successfully, unmediated VBAC after 6 hours of labor. It was painful, oh my, but worth every second. Birthing him was one of the highlights of my life. It was such a beautiful, invigorating, empowering experience. Lord-willing, this will our story again with baby #3 in July.

We are having a small party on Friday, so cake pics to come!

Dear Curren,

You bring our family such joy! Maggie loves you more than I thought possible and for the most part, you two get along famously. You light up at the sound of her name and any time we go into her room in the mornings or after naps. You are a busy, busy boy and love all thing electronics, eating wires, pulling over speakers, and climbing under and behind anything you can. You are more serious than your sister, but have a killer laugh when you get tickled. I love to watch you chew your green blanket when you get sleepy.

Your milestones this year include:

Rolling over, front to back: 2 months
Rolling over, back to front: 4 months
Crawling: 5 months
Pushing yourself to sitting: 6 months
Pulling yourself up: 7 months
Cruising the furniture: 7-8 months
Walking: 9 1/2 months

Needless to say, we've been following you around from a very young age as you've been on the move for so long. You make the BEST noises and sounds, so different than Maggie. You say "mama," "dada," "Maggo," and "ah-duh" (for "all done"). You love to play peek-a-boo, wave, and pretend to talk on the phone. And how can I forget dancing?! You dance like no other baby I've seen, twisting and turning and falling down. It's the best. You didn't eat solid foods until almost 1-year, nor sleep through the night until last month, but you've arrived and it feels good. You were the best nurser and weaned yourself at 10 months of age. We had some rough months this summer, but God used them to teach me more dependence on Him and to take life slower. It was a good lesson.

We look forward to what this year holds!


  1. happy bday curren!! great post suz, such a gift for him later on in life.

  2. Sweet boy. The year passed so fast! You were amazing during his labor - you can do it again! xxo

  3. happy 1st birthday precious curren!