Thursday, January 7, 2010

christmas 2009

Let this serve as what I should have posted as the first posts of this month. We enjoyed a low-key Christmas morning, complete with the traditional reading of the Christmas story, holiday music, cinnamon rolls, new Christmas jammies to open and wear, and of course, gifts. The kids had a blast, especially Maggie--Curren just wanted to eat all the wrapping paper. She scored some fun new things, the big hits being some new books--Little Einsteins and Tinkerbell--a LeapFrog Tag reading system from Mema and Pops, and a cash register from mama and daddy. This was one gift I realized 2 days before Christmas would be *perfect* for her. She loveslovesloves to play "checker" and scan things on the ottoman and put things in paper bags. The morning was very low-key, Shannon and Steve and Jacob came over later, my parents arrived that evening (and leave Jan. 10), and we've been doing family things ever since. Next year there will be 5-month old in this picture! :)

And here is our Christmas card, layout pirated from a talented Etsy designer and designed for me by my good friend Lindsey (and she also did our photo shoot).


  1. I LOVE your Christmas card (Linds did such a great job). I also especially love the Christmas day picture of Curren standing and looking at his hands. He is a precious CHUNK. :)

  2. First of all, i would like Curren served on a plate, yum. The pic of him standing and studying is perfect. Second, are you enrolling mags in beauty school? her hair clips are killer ;) beautiful fam.

  3. In case I haven't said it enough, SO thrilled that you're back "full time"! :) Love love love the picts! I want to meet Curren, and we all miss Maggie.

  4. Curren, oh my. I just want to squeeeeze him! Those chubby cheeks. Love his christmas pjs. Crazy to think there will be 3 in the pics next year!! :)