Monday, March 29, 2010

Beach play (and picnic!)

Today was AMAZINGLY gorgeous outside and I decided to head to Baby Beach for a picnic lunch. I didn't put the kids in their swimsuits as I figured the water was too cold to play in. I figured they'd wade around some, but not go in. I was wrong. Curren was ecstatic about the water and finally fell in, soaking wet, then proceeded to corn dog himself as he dug holes, sat in the sand, and ran (and fell) up and down the beach. Maggie could have kept digging holes for hours.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe he got that dirty! Well, I can believe it but you know what I mean!

  2. Where is baby beach? Tell me please! :0)

  3. Casey - it's in Dana Point harbor, and I think we all need to go some time.

    Curren looks fantastically dirty. How did you transport that mess home? :) :) :)