Monday, March 29, 2010


Aron graciously took on full-childcare the weekend before last so I could go to Bishop, CA to help my sister with her newborn, Stella. It was absolutely gorgeous, as seen from my car window here. I LOVED being able to have 2 days alone, away from life as a full-time mom. I don't think I realized how much of a break I had needed. I do take time each Saturday morning to get away, to refresh, and Aron and I get almost-weekly date nights, but there is something about being able to just be "me" for hours and days on end--not having to entertain kids on the car ride, or make sure they were fed, or dressed for bedtime. Of course, I love my kids, but I'm just saying the break was so incredibly refreshing. I was able to cook some for my sister, hang out with Jacob, and hold/change/play with Stella. And Shan and I were able to connect quite a bit, which was cool. I wasn't sure if she'd be super tired and want to nap a ton, etc. But, Stella is a super easy baby, overall, so Shan and I were able to leave her at home on a few occasions and grab coffee, run some errands, and get pedicures. Heavenly! Many thanks to Steve, too, for pulling childcare duty so we could get out and have some sister time. I hope to come back soon!


  1. There is nothing like having sister time. So great!

  2. i didn't realize that you were able to go completely solo. How wonderful, so glad you had that time!

  3. Your trip sounds WONDERFUL. I definitely know what you mean about loving the children but the break being so refreshing.