Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogging insecurity and holiday crafting

I don't know about you, but as a mom, I often go through "blogger's insecurity" when I browse blogs of moms who seem to be crafting all.the.time with their kiddos.

There, I said it. It's been weighing on me and it feels good to write it down.

I really want to do it more with mine, but I don't for a number of reasons. Mostly, I get overwhelmed with all the options out there and want to make sure I make the *best* choice for a future craft. Therefore, I often end up doing nothing because there are too.many.choices. and I feel overwhelmed. I also feel like I don't do grand and glorious crafts with my kids (like so many moms I see) so why bother?

But, I'm learning, albeit very slowly. I am trying to craft weekly with my kiddos (mostly Mags) and I'm learning to just *make a decision* and move forward with said craft. Even if it's a store-bought put-it-together one, or a simple nature walk and to collect leaves and do rubbings, or taking the camera outside and telling her to snap pictures. She knows no different and is thrilled to be creating. That's the key.

This week it's been inexpensive, wooden ornaments ($1 each at JoAnn's Fabrics) to paint and foam crafts to assemble (available at Michael's or Target; I bought last year after Christmas for pennies). Maggie has been having a ball and Curren even got in on the painting.


  1. Suz, one of the things that is super easy and fun that we do (when it's warm!) is set up a huge roll of paper in the driveway and let the kids go crazy with paint. I encourage them to paint each other and then we run through the sprinklers. They love it! And then you don't necessarily have *stuff* that you feel like you have to keep because they made it!

  2. love those dollar bin crafts! and I've had to remind myself that the moms that do that probably have babysitters for when the get everything else done therefore allowing the time they do spend w/ their kids to be filled w/ crafts and baking and promoting world peace. once a week is awesome. i get tickled about once a month.

  3. nicole, great suggestion about painting outdoors. will try this summer. and mel, thanks for your encouragement.

  4. You TOTALLY put into words how I feel, Suz. I often feel like a failure when I see what other Moms are doing on their blogs, how often they are creating with their kids. It was SO well-said when you talked about there being so many choices and wanting to pick the perfect one. Seriously... are you reading my mind?! I am EXACTLY the same way!!!