Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Craft time: Valentine chalkboard jars

My creative friend Casey prepared this craft (which was given to her by her sister-in-law) for our biweekly MOPS group and I just LOVED it: the simplicity, the versatility, and the frugality. How's that for a great craft? In fact, I love it so much that I am making these in Maggie's preschool class this week for their Valentine's Day craft (and I listed some more uses for these jars below).

Simply purchase a cracker jar from Target; we used both the small ones ($3.99) and the large ones ($4.99). The important thing is that a few of the sides are square and flat, thus making it easier to write on.
Pictured above are the supplies you need, minus a paintbrush. But, I figured you all wouldn't forget that!
Use green or blue painting tape to tape-off your square (the lady at Home Depot swore to me that this green "Frogtape" was superior to blue tape; we shall see come Friday when I do the craft in Maggie's class).

Apply 1 coat of chalkboard paint (purchased at Home Depot for $8.99, but this stuff can last a long time AND they even have tintable chalkboard paint, how cool is that?!) and let it dry completely (doesn't take too long--3-5 minutes tops?). When dry, apply 2nd and final coat of paint.
Voila! A clever little jar of love. Set out in a prominent place in the home, place a stack of small pre-cut papers next to it, and ask family members to write down (or draw pics for the little ones) all the things they love about eachother. Use leading up to Valentine's Day and read together on the 14th.

Recently, I've been re-thinking what I like and don't like about V-day. Truth be told, I don't normally like it; it seems like a ploy by chocolate companies and greeting card companies to make money. And maybe it is. I also feel like I will be let down on this holiday that everyone gets to excited about. My husband and I normally mock it in some fashion, but really, deep down, I *think* I want to celebrate it. But, after reading this post by Shauna of "The Reed Life" I resonated with SO much of her musings and walked away with this: Valentines Day can be about celebrating our family's love for one another. And I want to be really purposeful in that, starting this year, and starting with this jar.

Other uses for said jar(s):
*How about pantry staples like pastas and grains?
*How about a seasonal candy jar?
*How about as a "birthday jar" for the week leading up to a child's birthday where you write his/her name on it, write down all the things you love about him/her, and open it on his/her birthday?
*How about as a "potty training" jar?


  1. Hobby Lobby sells a spray paint version of chalkboard paint as well :)
    Very cute. Thanks for posting!

  2. cute! but suz...i like to use the toilet for potty training...not a jar ;)