Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This sweet girl is so incredibly articulate it blows my mind some days. She makes up hilarious stories, still loves to play "voices" (where we imitate a character in a show/book and "talk" to her in that voice), and has her first loose tooth! She is so excited and yes, it's very early for this (she is just 4, but apparently, those who teethe early, lose early).
This boy is always singing, and I do mean always: when he wakes up it's either his FAVORITE David Crowder song, "Oh, Happiness," "All Creatures of Our God and King," or U2's "Beautiful Day." If you start a song, he can finish it. He sings loudly in public now, too. For example, he was belting out "How He Loves" (a David Crowder cover song) in Target yesterday. He likes to play chase and hide-and-seek with his sister, even hiding his bear under the table yesterday, then racing to the wall to cover his eyes and count. How cute is that?! He accidently locked himself in the bathroom on Sunday afternoon and I had Maggie feed him chocolate chips, one at a time, under the door to pass the time while we waited for the locksmith. He LOVES chocolate and after he was freed he was begging for more "choco!"

This little girl is eating lots of solid foods: sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, green beans, squash, avocado. Her 3rd tooth is coming in, I'm sure of it. She rolls everywhere (and has rolls everywhere-ha!), still sleeps like a champ, loves to be cuddled, and always finds a way to take her socks off and eat them.


  1. I cannot believe she has a loose tooth!!! Sweet faces :-)

  2. love the kiddie updates! they are all growing so fast!

  3. The other day E. just all of a sudden started asking me when we were going to see Maggie. I was telling her that she doesn't live here anymore so we can't see her as much and she says,"Oh. I just really miss her and want to play with her."