Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today, I'm reflective. For the better part of 8 months, I feel I'm at a really good place with motherhood. Sure, I have tough days, but I feel I've finally come into my own which includes accepting my limitations, knowing what I need to stay refreshed (i.e. good self-care), and overall, really enjoying my kids. And being OK with the process of parenting, both in me and in them.

Yet, there are days like today, days that dawn gorgeous and bright and the beach beckons and I want to LOVE this day, but I do not. My oldest is in a tough spot at the moment, battling areas of grumbling and complaining, and general moodiness. In tears during lunch, I called my husband, expressing feelings of defeat, not a place I've been in a long time. He listened, encouraged, and prayed for me. I love that man with all my heart. And sweet little baby girl is getting in all 4 top teeth, yes, at once. All but 1 have finally popped through, but my usual very, very happy, best-sleeper-baby has not napped well today, was up at night, and up early. Sigh. My friend, Katchen, had a terrific picture-post on the joys and sorrows of motherhood that I related with.

I'm choosing joy today. I'm choosing gratitude. And I'm choosing to focus on the good things happening, too.
My sweet boy is now 2 nights in his big boy bed and has done amazingly. Better than I ever thought possible. He is also staying in bed until we come get him, a family rule we have. I'm hopeful it will continue. On Sunday before church he grabbed these 2 dolls and proceeded to park them in the shopping cart and wheel them around the back yard. He can be quite the gentle-spirited one!
I'm prepping for a visit from some seminary friends. We LOVE this family, they were some of our closest friends while living on campus in Dallas. Maggie and Avery are going to have a ball together, as they haven't seen eachother since they were 2 years old (they are 4 weeks apart in age). We made a paper chain and are counting down the days until she arrives (I did green and purple to distinguish the weekend days). Also, this was Maggie's verse from school last week and it's a verse that has come in handy lately!

I am reading an incredible book on discerning making big choices, even when the odds are not stacked in your favor. We are in the brink of some GREAT changes in our lives, and this book is bolstering my faith in the sovereignty of God when it comes to the choices we make. In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day may be one of the best books I've read when it comes to taking opportunities and stepping out in faith.

Aron and I enjoyed a date morning on Saturday, coffee and a movie. Later that night with his encouragement and help, we spent 3 hours cleaning out all our stuff we've been storing in boxes through the last several moves. I knew we'd get rid of some things, surely, but 30 boxes?? I'm stunned at how much we are "letting go of." It's freeing. I love, love my husband. And I'm terribly excited for what this next season of life holds for us.

I really do love this sweet girl, even when she is not sleeping her best. Hard to believe she is already 8 months old. Those blue eyes are so lovely.

And I really do love this sweet girl, even when she seems pre-pubescent in emotion. She is so creative! We played a matching game the other day and she then created her own game! She drew matching pictures in different colors and everything.

I'm getting my hair cut and colored tonight. That should lift any woman's spirits, right?


  1. Love how you share your true thoughts. I believe so many moms feel the same way as you. Your parenting is so similar to pj and I's. Its refreshing to read how much structure you have in your family unit ( which we feel has been tossed out the window these days. We admire and respect you guys so much. Keep up your awesome awesome work:)

  2. I was so happy to find a new post! thanks for sharing the joys and struggles. It's encouraging when you see others that have to choose joy and gratitude when it's just not flowing. You're a great mama. And I love how you love your man :)

  3. i loved this. a little glimpse into your life & heart. good job choosing to be thankful on a challenging day. a great example to me. love you. xoxo

  4. Thanks for this reminder on a day when I need it! I can't wait to get my hands on the book you're reading right now. Sounds like exactly what TJ and I should read together at this moment in our lives. Love you friend!

  5. good post, friend. i love how you acknowledge the ups and downs that are so prevalent in our every day. Such sweet kiddos - I loved the one of C pushing the babies. You are a great mom!! xoxo

  6. Suz, you are doing a great job. You are a wonderful mother and I totally just thought of Proverbs 31:28 when I typed the beginning of this sentence.
    As for the moodiness, you know I know how that goes. I have been dealing with it off and on (mostly on!) since she was 2. It is hard but I have just recently figured out that God is going to place people (my daughter!) in my life to bring about the change he wants to see in me (patience, compassion, keeping anger in check). Just remember to enjoy the good days!! That is so hard and I will be praying for both of us!