Friday, April 8, 2011

Kate Evangeline: Month 8

Sweet, sweet Katers:

*4 new top teeth in at once! Yes, all 4.
*Rolling and scooting everywhere, though no true crawling yet.
*Loving solid foods of every variety (except meat in a jar; really, who invented that!?)
*Hilarious silent laugh
*Loves to swing at the park


  1. Love how you are capturing her each month in such a simple way - with pictures and a few descriptions of what she's doing. She's a total chunker! I love it. And I'm totally intrigued by this silent laugh...does she look like she's laughing when she does it? Adorable!

  2. what? no meat in a jar? so funny! she's adorable. I want a video of her please. and I want a squeeze of those legs. thank you.

  3. BTW - you didn't update the copy in the pic to reflect 8 months...