Friday, September 14, 2012

A Snapshot of Life

Lately, things have been very mellow, such is life with a newborn.  We are getting out to run errands or go to the park or just go for a drive, but life is pretty mellow with my foursome.  I feel grateful in many ways for this season of slow-ness; feel I've been able to be refreshed and rest and not be over-committed or running amok.   Gavin is still sleeping well and I'm actually able to get up before the kids do most mornings (which I love and need) to have my quiet time, drink coffee, and just prepare my heart and mind for the day.
 Gavin looks so much bigger in just 3 short weeks of life.  I love this nautical inspired onesie I picked up at Gap this summer.
 The sunsets are just breathtaking here; the clouds and colors blow my mind.  I snapped this pic on a recent family hike.
 A small "storm" rolled through our area earlier this week and the kids set up shop on our window ledge outside to watch (and by storm I do mean a few raindrops)
 The kids have been recovering from about a week and a half of a bad cold. Curren has napped more and it's been nice to have some extra quiet in the afternoons. He is growing up so fast, it's been cool to see him mature lately, growing in obedience and having less tantrums.
 We have recently been watching "The Lorax," which I think is a really dumb movie (to be honest), but the kids love recreating this scene where "Audrey" and "Ted" are looking up at her paintings of the trees.
 Enjoyed some of our first baking together since Gavin's birth--chocolate chip cookies of course!  My favorite recipe to date.
Been making a ton of this recipe, a Blueberry Crisp, from one of my favorite authors, Shauna Niequist; it's easy and healthy and so very tasty.  Make it!

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  1. Suz, I love seeing the pics of all you're up to. "Captain cute" is beyond cute!!! loving the onesie! Wow, you are getting up before the kids already. Great job! This transition to 4 seems amazing & peaceful?!!! Will you please be my coach in November???? Love you.