Monday, August 27, 2007

in summation

I arrived home Saturday night from a week long trip to OKC. A few observations: i like flying in and out of small airports; our flight even arrived back to Chicago 30 minutes early! And I do not want to go on another trip without Aron for a very long time. I hate being away from him that long and I hate that he has to be away from Maggie. He feels the same.

The trip was different than I was anticipating, as we were busy helping Aunt Peggy with some "elder care" needs of my grandparents. It made me think alot about the future and growing old (truthfully, I do not look forward to it). I must give an amazing shout out to Peggy and Bill for all their INCREDIBLE patience and diligent love toward G&G. We are so thankful for you both!! This trip made me long to be near my family once again. Shannon and I rack our brains constantly trying to figure out when we will be able to live closer. I miss mom and dad and S&S and just long for the day when we can drive to dinner together and enjoy all family functions together. Having Maggie makes me long for this even more. I grew up very close-knit with extended family members and want this desperately for her. Yet, where is home? We have lived in quite a few places, and it's just hard to know where we would like to end up. And in this same vein, we would also like to be near Aron's family (who are also all spread out). California makes sense to us in many ways, but then again, I wonder if my immediate family would ever end up there again. Sigh. It's really hard to know. All of this has been a topic of conversation recently with friends, discussing the concepts of "home" and "roots." I'm not sure I have any clearer answers, but it's good to know that I'm not alone in wanting to be settled.

In the meantime, here are some photos of my trip:
Mags and Gpa
I just love how she is looking at the spoon here!
Mags sitting in Great Aunt Peggy's (we call her GAP...hehe) highchair that she used when she was little. Mags has also taken to preferring spoons, Tupperware, and straws to any of her toys.

Who couldn't love this face?!
Sistas! A little shiny, but hey, it's still cute. :)
My girlfriend, Abbey from Bible college days, lives in OKC. It was fun to reconnect with her and have her meet Mags.
With my childhood friend, Whitney, and her twin girls, Kate and Avery. They were born exactly one month after Maggie. This was a highlight of my trip, reconnecting with Whit. It's been at least 4 years since we have seen each other or really talked. She is so good with her girls; they are so sweet.


  1. In the pic of Maggie looking at the spoon, I am positive that she is admiring herself!! And why shouldn't she...such a pretty girl! Also, in the pic of you, Maggie, and your friend with her twins, I laughed....the babies are all obviously focused on the same thing and could care less about the camera.
    For the first time, I can understand about being away from family...of course, it's not up to us, it's up to the Army at this point, but it is so hard. My mom and I are so close, and I have been away from GA for close to a year now with only one short visit at Christmas...something I never planned as being a part of my life! I have no answers, but I certainly understand wanting to be closer!

  2. Maggie is getting more gorgeous every day.
    Isn't it funny how when we're around family all the time, we tend to take their presence for granted somewhat, and then when we're apart from them we long for them so much? I know that's definitely true for me.

  3. sounds like a great time, great pics. finding home.... a funny thing. I do feel i've been able to come to that place that home (on earth:) is where den and the kids are, where the Lord would have us, not neccesarily a geographical definition. doesn't mean i don't miss my side of fam, but it helps to deal.

  4. mags is dear. her hair is totally coming in beautifully! sweetie pie. praying for you today regarding 'home'. xoxo

  5. you are definitely not alone in the wanting to be settled and find "home". Matt and I think often about leaving Texas but no matter the discussion we always end up back on the same resolution that as important as family is for D and us so is our future and if to have an amazing life as a family we have to be away from family then its worth it...I think we'll always consider Texas home we'll just live lots of other'll no doubt take time (you know that) but you'll find your "home" and in the mean time I think you should just continue to enjoy your current adventure!

  6. I totally agree with Rachel. :) I know how you are feeling too Suz. :) Being away from fam can be really hard.
    We actually may be moving to Arizona come January! We find out for sure at the end of September. My parents are being totally harsh about this whole opportunity, adventure... whatever you may call it. :) Their reaction is making things hard for me, but at times easy. Only because I believe that it would be good for us to move, but then again, it frightens me to be away from them, but maybe that's what we need.
    Anyway. Not wanting this to be about me. :) The pictures of Mags are SO cute! She is getting so big! :)

  7. Ah...what a special trip and time to spend with family. I have my moments of wandering why we are where we are rather than closer to family considering most of our family are just 3 to 4 hours away from one another...but I have a peace given from the Lord that we are where we are now and it is home for us...but who only knows the future..not me just Him.

  8. do you have abbey's email address?? i have been wondering what ever happened to that roommate of mine!!

  9. Darling pics and great to hear about your trip in a nutshell!!!

  10. Is Mags preferring her left hand?? E is left handed, which I think is so cool. Such cute pics and the one of you and Buns is wonderful - you both look super!

    As you know from our many talks, I can relate to your feelings of home and settling down. There are just no easy answers to settle the longing in our heart for that. I hope for you that in time you guys will all find your way back to each other.


  11. BUNS!!!!! HAHAHA!! I totally forgot about that nickname. :) Brings back SO many memories! ;)

  12. Thanks for sharing about your trip on Wednesday. I sure missed you while you were gone, though it was clearly important for you to be there!