Monday, March 24, 2008

happy easter!

We enjoyed some wonderful family time this weekend. Lots of down time, outdoor time, and even some mom-alone time! We went to our church's Easter service on Saturday night and loved having Sunday to our leisure. I put together brunch for the 3 of us (props to La for the menu idea: fruit, ham, muffins, and baked oatmeal [Mel's recipe!]) and we headed over to the Arboretum for a late morning picnic. The weather was a bit cool, so we were bundled up, and yet M loved trekking around, watching birds and airplanes (her newest fascination), and petting some animals in a little petting zoo. Later, she participated in her first Easter egg hunt in our front yard and quickly figured out where the eggs were and what to do with them. It took about 20 minutes to round them up, but she loved it and excitedly would point and say her famous "OH!" whenever she spotted one. What a wonderful weekend to reflect on the hope of our faith in Christ! He is know the rest. :)

I think M looks too funny in this one!
Let's eat!
Having fun in the fountain
Isn't her face so sweet here?! I love it!
Easter bunny love
Egg hunt


Tree egg
Happy times and a leafy butt

Prizes inside!


  1. Lil Ms. leafy butt - that's cute!


  2. you are back!! keep the comments coming. we love you guys. 2 weeks and counting.

  3. sounds like a wonderful day! maggie looks so sweet in these pictures. and so grown up!

  4. Great Easter pics. I really love the bunny (real) shot! so glad that y'all had a great family day!

  5. Oh, and of course Mags looks too cute!

  6. Looks like lots of fun! Have yet to post any of the easter pictures I took, but will get there. LOL. I did post a "happy Easter" post with a picture of the girls I took, but that's about it. haha.

  7. I love her expressions! I feel like I got to experience her first egg hunt with you--good job on all the pics. ;) I love that coat--too bad it isn't baby s' color. ;)

  8. She really couldn't be any cuter. It's just not possible. :o)

  9. Looks like such fun. Those muffins look really good - I love how big they are. My fave pic of Mags was her saying "oh" - I can just hear her in my head. Cutie!


  10. okay so the one where you say she looks funny...reminds me of the character in fat albert (i loved that show) where you can only see his hat. Den's response to your blog was "c'mon suz, where's the cross? where's the empty tomb? What's all this egg hunting crap?"

  11. what great memories...she is so precious. gotta love brunch, the arbor, egg hungs, bunnies and most importantly our Saviour!