Sunday, March 9, 2008

we're here!

Just wanted to shoot a quick blog out to let you all know we made it just fine to SoCal. The plane ride may just have been her best ever and most likely due to the fact that she had a fever the entire flight. Poor thing! She slept some and mostly just sat in my lap and vegged. We took her to Urgent Care today and the verdict is a virus, which there isn't much treatment for except time. So, we wait and give Motrin when the fever returns. This trip is turning out differently than I had anticipated, but that's OK. If people still want to get together, we'll make it happen, but I have a feeling most will want to steer clear. Maybe the fever will break and she'll be totally better by tomorrow. Who knows?

We have enjoyed the weather so far and the time with family. I've been noticing how *green* everything is here. While Maggie napped this afternoon, Aron and I ate lunch overlooking T-Street in San Clemente with our Pedro's burritos (Heth, I ate some in your name!) and enjoyed driving PCH.

I will post pics and update how the rest of our week goes when we return.

PS: Happy Birthday, Laurie!


  1. I'm so sorry that Mags is sick. I know that's disappointing to not be able to do everything you were expecting, not to mention just hating it when your own daughter is not well. I hope she's better soon! So glad that you and A are still getting to enjoy some "old favorites" in the meantime. Can't wait for the pics!


  2. Sorry to hear that Mags is sick! But am happy to hear that she did well on the plane. Zoe did as well. :)

    Also glad to hear that you are able to enjoy some favorites, and just relax. Look forward to seeing pictures, and hearing what all you did.

    Get well Maggie!

  3. poor mags...hope she is feeling better! viruses stink because you can't do anything about them, but at least they don't have to deal with the whole antibiotics thing (that's how i look at it anyways!)

    thanks for eating some burritos in my mouth is SO watering. When i was preggo with owen and visited i ate SO many that i'm surprised owen wasn't a bean and potato burrito! ;) now this baby feels jealous ;)

    have a wonderful rest of your trip. can't wait to hear how it goes. get well maggie!!!