Saturday, March 15, 2008

home again

We arrived back safely on Wednesday night. Maggie finally seemed to end her fight with a nasty virus by week's end, hallelujah! We had a busy rest of the week and rested up today.

Here are some pictures of our time in the OC. Even though M was sick for the trip, it turned out wonderfully. I enjoyed some really good connect time with good friends over good food: dessert with Linds and new baby, Shelby Grace at Cheesecake Factory, Wahoo's with Cayla, The Yard House with Jason, and Claim Jumper with Linds, Jason, and Shelby. Aron's Aunt Dinah came for dinner on Saturday night and we enjoyed time with her. I cooked dinner for the fam and Jason on Monday night and spent the day with Dawnielle and her son, Asher, on Tuesday. Wednesday morning found us able to make a quick playdate with friends at a nearby park. The weather was *amazing*--how did we ever leave?! And everything was so *green*. If we didn't see you this time around, there is always the next! And you may notice that there are no pics of Pops and Mema (Maggie's CA grandparents) and I'm really not sure how come we didn't snap more. But never fear! They are coming to visit us in early April and we will post lots of pics of them with Maggie. As always, they were fantastic hosts and so loving and generous with us and our little girl. Thank you both for everything!

Enjoying her first bite of Del Taco
Enjoying some time away, eating Pedro's and relaxing at T-Street (below)

Mags and Aunt Dinah
Jason, one of our oldest friends, always makes it a point to hang out with us as often as he can when we are in town and we love him for it. I think he needs to move near us so he and A can hang out all the time. He is a fantastic guy!
It was awesome to see Cayla briefly, as we caught her during one of her busiest times of the year. She is on staff with Campus Crusade and is busy recruiting students for missions trips, mentoring leaders, and a host of other activities, not to mention having just hosted an 80-person shower for her soon-to-be-sister-in-law the weekend we arrived. Cayla is one of the most amazing people I know; it is always so encouraging to talk to her and see what God is doing in her life.
Cayla, M, and mama after yummy fish tacos from Wahoos
Linds, one of my oldest and closest friends. We met literally the first day I moved to CA in the summer of 1996. She and her hubby, Jason, are raising support to do missions work in Peru. They move to Nebraska next month for 12 weeks to be near his family, move to Costa Rica in August for 1 year of language school, and then are off to Peru for 2 years. Aron and I are talking about visiting them while in Peru, but other than that, I'm really not sure when I will see her in the next several years. We really tried to soak up as much time together as possible.

The Kliewers and sweet Shelby. This little girl is one of the sweetest and cutest babies I have ever seen. She nurses like a champ, sleeps well, and is just a super contented baby. What a dream!

Mags and Asher played in the sand at Doheny; it was super fun to watch them interact as they are the same age (Maggie was born on the 11th of Dec. and he on the 19th).

She LOVED the sand
I had fun burying some of her leg; she thought it was funny.

We are just missing daddy's feet to make this a complete picture. So sweet! This day with Dawnielle was one of my favorite while visiting. I loved walking down to the beach with her, playing with the kids, and catching up while they napped. Overall, it was the most relaxing and encouraging time.
Maggie is really into raisins these days; don't worry, I do supervise her! Here she is eating them at the park playdate with our friends.

Megan and her son Chase (who will be one next month). Meg and I were friends from high school youth group, lost touch, and have reconnected through blogging. She goes to church with the two girls below, whom I used to teach with. Small world! It was really fun to hang out in person, if even for short time. Chase is such a sweet boy!

Sarah and her daughter, Ivy, and son, Gabe--Sarah taught at Cornerstone 2 years with me. Her kiddos are awesome!

Laura and her twin boys, Cole and Kai. They are so polite and full of lots to say! It was fun to watch them interact with eachother. All of these ladies are such encouraging mamas; I love being around them and really enjoyed our park time, even though it was short and hard to have long, meaningful conversations. Such is life with kids! I hope we can meet up every time I'm in town, girls!


  1. I am loving all of the new pictures!! :) Sounds like you had such a blast! Glad to hear it, and glad to hear that Maggie is feeling better!

  2. i absolutely love the beach pics, especially. i know it must have been great to catch up with all of the old friends, too! i'm glad it turned out okay, even with maggie being under the weather.

  3. a bikini at the beach? how jelous am of of that....the wather, not that I'll ever be in a bikini again. Looks like a fab time!

  4. Despite Mags being sick, looks like a superb time with old friends and favorite old spots. How fun to get to introduce Maggie to more and more as she gets old and can really appreciate. Loved the shot of her getting her first Del Taco; I know you and A were so proud! :)


  5. Love the pics! I'm so jealous of the trip and the chance to see Laura and her boys. And the beach? I just miss it SO much. Glad you got to go!

  6. Love those baby bikinis shots. Mags is a doll! Glad it was a good trip home!

  7. I'm so glad you were able to re-connect with so many friends. How fun that you had a play-date with those ladies. ;) Mags is too cute in her bikini--and that hat she was wearing is adorable. I'm surprised you didn't save a little bite of Pedro's for her! ;) Next time you're on the west coast, we will definitely see you guys. Did Dannielle cut your hair? Looks sooo good, sista!

  8. We loved seeing you too. I love it that we've reconnected. Have a fantastic Easter week!

  9. I'm so glad we got the chance to visit with you and Mags. She is so happy and content! I look forward to being able to see you again soon! Thanks for making the time to see us!

  10. wow...what fun! I am still jealous that you were at the beach. mags is absolutely so precious in her swimmy suit!

  11. Hey Suz...I love that Megan found you on here and that you guys got together! Your little girl is adorable :) Hope you are doing's been forever, like since Europe 97!