Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day

I love to watch "Ellen;" I think she is one of the best TV hosts because she is genuine and funny and listens to her guests. Today, in honor of Earth Day, she gave away some sweet earth-friendly gifts to the audience. She also played an ED edition of "Will They Know, Yes or No." Basically, two audience members went on stage, had signs that read"yes" on one side and "no" on the other, and proceeded to watched a clip of average people on the street being asked earth-related questions. Right before the people gave their answers, the clip was paused, giving the contestants a chance to decide if "yes" the person was going to answer correctly, or "no" they weren't. Would you believe that all 5 people on the street got the following questions wrong?! See how well YOU do. I will give their answers and the correct anwers in the comment section...tell me your score. :)

Happy Earth Day! BTW--Whole Foods, a store I love to frequent, as of today, is completely discontinuing use of plastic bags. I'm assuming you have to bring your own (I'm sure you have seen most of the new eco-friendly totes in most stores). Ikea does something similar. I may have to hop on that bandwagon and start bringing my own bags.

1. Al Gore won an Oscar for his documentary on global warming. The name of that film is "An Inconvient ____"
2. Finish the phrase: "Give a hoot, ______"
3. 70% of the Earth is covered with _____
4. Finish the phrase: Reduce, Reuse, _____
5. If you are good in the garden, you are said to have a green _____


  1. What they said:
    1. greenhouse
    2. toot (LOL!) maybe being on camera made her nervous :)
    3. dirt
    4. help out
    5. tool

    Correct answers:
    1. Truth
    2. don't pollute
    3. water
    4. Recycle
    5. thumb

  2. I knew all the answers except the 2nd one. :)

    Our nearest Whole Foods is 25 minutes from our house, so I don't go often. I like paper bags, unless I am going big shopping, which I don't big shop at Whole Foods or another market like that called The Fresh Market. It's too expensive to do all my shopping there, but I love all of their stuff! So I get paper when I go.

    I haven't bought any of the "green bags". They are 3-5 dollars a piece. Eeek!

  3. ok, i, too, got all except #2. yay, me! :)

  4. sweet, i got them all right! ;)
    i love ellen too and used to watch it all the time...not at all this season though. it comes on at a time where owen wouldn't be too happy with me ;) and my dvr is already practically maxed out!

  5. 100%
    I'm glad Ellen did an Earth Day show. With so many people watching her show....good publicity.
    If you ever need a good BIG reusable bag, Costco has been selling them.

  6. I love Ellen too! I know we've talked about it- how she actually listens to her guests vs. Oprah. So I got all but #2 right. I suppose living in CA should have made me more green, but I confess it hasn't that much. I do take my own bags, but am not vigilant about it, but I'm trying to be better and I intend to recycle when we get back to GA since we'll have a garage there and I can set up actual bins.


  7. Yay! I think that the #2 answer is from an older public service advertisement - so I knew the answer. One of the benefits have a few :-) gray hairs. I got them all right.

  8. I rocked the quiz.

    I wonder if you have to be in a certain demographic (children of the mid 80's? in CA?) to get #2? I don't remember the owl's name, but I remember the PSAs.

    I've been using my own bags for a couple years now. At first its hard to remember, but after awhile it becomes habit. You can get reusable bags at dollar stores for really cheap. No need to buy the more expensive ones in the store.

    OR--you can flirt with the checker at Trader Joes and get some for free... :) Maybe that's only ethical for us singletons? Or just less unethical? :)

  9. i aced it! the give a hoot one is a blast from the past. fun stuff

    As far as bags go, I got a giant one that is like a cooler from Cosco, I love it. (my problem is remembering to bring it with me!)

  10. way to go, group! looks like you all are quite eco-savy.

    btw, just bought a few green bags from Sprouts today (our local farmer's market, similar to Traders or Henrys) and they were only 99 cents each! Good to know these bags are affordable.

  11. ok, i havent looked at the answers yet, so here are my guesses:

    1. Hanging Chad
    2. Say no to drugs
    3. Cars that have a "my kid is an honor-roll student" bumper sticker
    4. Rewind your videos before Returning them.
    5. -bean casserole that is to just die for!

    just kidding. 5 for 5 on the quiz. is the owl that gives a hoot the same one from the tootsie-roll commercials (one, two-hoo, three)? cause if so, he's gotta be friggin rich.


  12. 5 for 5 as well.
    I guess that makes me an eco-genius, eh? :)

  13. "Jason and Lindsey" is hilarious. :)

    I was 4 for 5... couldn't remember #2. Fun!