Monday, April 14, 2008

Look! What a steal!

As you know, I love Etsy (see sidebar) and my good friend Mel shared a sweet deal with me. A woman sells BabyLegs knock-offs called "knotty legs" and she is closing her online shop. They range in price from $5.50-$9.00. These make FANTASTIC baby gifts, too. Buy here!


  1. Cool! Love deals. :) Getting warmer here, though. So would be too hot. Maybe next winter, though! Too bad she is closing! Maybe Zoe will be too old for "baby" legs, though. :)

  2. I am such a fan of the BabyLegs concept...they are amazing protection for baby knees during the crawling stage. They are perfect because they leave the feet bare for traction. Thanks for the heads up about the sale but I have about 6 pairs I made myself by cutting the feet off regular women's knee-high socks. I'm SUPER cheap-o ;)

  3. thanks for the heads up, suz! i quickly went on her site and snatched up a pair with pink stars and one with rainbow's hard picturing a baby who isn't here yet in them, but i think they will be super cuters...and i love the fact that they can wear them up to age 3 or beyond!

    You are going to have to be my style guru, because, as you know, i am only accustomed to dressing boys, and i was quite the tomboy growing i am not going to know what to do with a girl. he he he. I bet she will be bald like owie was, so i will need pointers there too ;) We did go on a shopping spree at the opry mills outlet mall and got thee cutest dresses and such for her. squeel! i can't wait for all the girliness!!! ;)